The Compleat Partner Program

A brief conversation with your sales and customer services teams will confirm that customers’ and prospects’ demands have changed. 

Digital Invoice Capture & Accounts Payable Automation

These two processes have become critical “must have” functionality for over 60% of all new business sales engagements and the most asked for functionality from your customer base, closely followed by:

Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) with Integrated Online Buying

The lack of these core capabilities is already losing new business sales and increasing customer churn for both ERP software authors and their partner channels. 

Compleat’s architecture was designed from scratch for our Partners – making it easy to convert this new functionality weakness into a long term, strategic, and profitable competitive advantage 

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Some of our happy partners

Don’t take our word for it…

“It was easy for us to choose Compleat as our embedded AP and Purchasing Automation system based on their technology, product capabilities, and ease-of-use. Compleat Software has remained exceptionally collaborative and supportive of our efforts; it’s a fantastic partnership!”

Gregg Suffredini | VP, Business Development, Data Plus

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Compleat was designed with partners in mind. Our go-to-market strategy is partner first.