About the Compleat Partner Program

Whether you're looking to become a partner, or you're an existing partner, these pages will help you find out why Compleat is the right partnership for you!

You want the best of the best for your clients, right?

You need us, we'd quite like to work with you...

P2P Automation is no longer nice-to-have functionality for a business in the modern age. This is why, chances are, you have been asked to research topics such as Digital Invoice Capture, AP Automation, or even Purchase to Pay Automation.

If this is your first website in a long list of potentials, I'd stop here, it doesn't get much better than this.

If you've made it here after sifting through weak proposal after weak proposal, you can relax. You've made it to the end zone.

We have 3 types of partnership, all with several tiers, allowing you to find the right amount of commitment & help from us, to succeed at doing what you do best - maximize your clients productivity through software.

Our general reseller partnerships are great for any company that thinks their clients would thrive thanks to P2P Automation.

Our ERP & Accounting Software partnerships are forged with the focus of strengthening your offering, to increase your clients loyalty to you, & subsequently your annual recurring revenue.

Lastly, & certainly not leastly, are our Accountancy partnerships. Perhaps you are an accountancy practice & are fed up with clients invoices being all screwed up, missing, or just straight up never existing. Now you can add invoice processing to your service list, save them time, save you time, & make a little money along the way!

You scratch our back, we'll scratch yours.

How we support our Compleat Partners

Bespoke partner marketing content Get your own marketing section on our Compleat Content Partner Portal, with campaigns in a box, infographics, logos, adverts, whitepapers, & more!
Sales content & demo guides In your sales section on the Compleat Content Partner Portal, you'll have so much content to choose from that you'll be spoilt for choice. It's got everything from sales demo guides & fact sheets, to research reports & FAQs.
On-boarding & training It's so easy to get your account set up, & our onboarding process makes it even easier for you. We provide you with all the support & help you need to get out there & start helping your clients!
Easy to use pricing calculator All Compleat prices are provided in the Compleat Content Partner Portal together with a simple-to-use pricing calculator that helps set end-user pricing.
Lead management made simple Submit your leads in just a few clicks when they inevitably come rolling in. Then simply manage all your leads from your dedicated client partner dashboard within Compleat.
Your own partner manager Our dedicated partner support managers are on hand with your onboarding process & we have a friendly team of support staff to help you with anything you need. We'll even walk you through your first sale.
The Compleat help center You'll just LOVE our help center. Here you can find tutorials & guides on getting the most out of Compleat for you & your customers. Need help? We've got you covered!
Coming soon...
The Compleat community
Get together with other Compleat partners & users to talk about all things Compleat & help shape its future. You can request new features, get tips & tricks, or even just chat about the weather.

How do you become a partner?

Step 1:
Apply to become a partner
Step 2: Our partner managers will get in contact with you to discuss if you qualify & select the best partnership type for your needs.
Step 3: Agree on an onboarding plan & timeline
Step 4: Become a valued partner in weeks.
Step 5: Start earning.

Just a few of our happy partners

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs...

“It was easy for us to choose Compleat as our embedded AP & Purchasing Automation system based on their technology, product capabilities, and ease-of-use. Compleat Software has remained exceptionally collaborative and supportive of our efforts; it is a fantastic partnership!”

Gregg Suffredini    |    VP, Business Development, Data Plus  

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Compleat was designed with partners in mind. Our go-to-market strategy is partner first. #TheFutureIsNow

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