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The exciting new alliance of Compleat Software and Synergy Procurement offers companies guaranteed cost savings delivered faster than ever before.

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Newsroom on October 7, 2020



Max Kent, Procurement Director at Compleat:

“Our partnership with Synergy is brilliant news for every business looking to cut costs but maintain quality standards. And let’s face it who isn’t?

In simple terms it works like this. Our software instantly analyses every penny you spend with each of your suppliers. Leading UK procurement specialists, Synergy, then use this data and their vast experience to search the widest market by service and commodity to find the best value for you. We do all the work, you get all the benefits.”


Phil Douglas, CEO Compleat:

“There is massive demand for cost optimisation programmes and our alliance with Synergy means that we can immediately deliver savings in the fastest, most efficient and secure way. This means lower costs, greater control and a brighter future for every business.”


Darren Craven, CEO Synergy:

“We have a wide range of clients, many of them household names and offer all of them a ‘no savings, no fee guarantee’. In 10 years there have only been two companies where we haven’t been able to deliver significant cost reductions.

The major benefit of our unique partnership with Compleat is that it massively speeds up the whole process and gives our clients huge savings right now.

We know the alliance of Synergy and Compleat will save our clients time and money, typically 25 to 35%, and help secure their future in these incredibly challenging times.

We can’t wait to get going!”


COMPLEAT SOFTWARE work with businesses across the UK to deliver substantial and sustainable savings for every business. They have revolutionised digital procurement by leveraging the spend data captured from every supplier and invoice.

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SYNERGY PROCUREMENT CONSULTANTS are a team of cost management specialists with many ‘blue chip’ clients throughout the UK. They work across all business sectors and can guarantee and demonstrate massive reductions in costs. Their clients range from ‘mid-market’ organisations to large, high profile, corporations.

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