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Artificial Intelligence kills paper invoices for accountants

Compleat releases first self-service AI purchase invoice automation software to help finance departments go paperless.

LONDON, UK, 4 October 2017 – Compleat Software (“Compleat”), the spend and budget management automation software provider, is one step closer to ridding the accounting profession of paper with the release of its self-service purchase invoice capture and approval application, iCompleatInvoice.

Delivering the next generation of artificial intelligence driven accounts payable automation, iCompleatInvoice enables small and medium-sized businesses to automate time consuming accounting processes to a new level.

iCompleatInvoice, which can be deployed within the same day of signing up and integrates seamlessly with accounting applications such as Xero, Sage and Pegasus, is designed to remove most of the work of manual paper-based purchase invoice capture and approvals.

Invoices are digitally captured on receipt, removing the chance they can get lost or duplicated, then AI / machine learning fully automates the general ledger coding and selection of the right approval process, delivering the invoice direct to the approver without them being touched by finance. Once approved, they are posted directly to the user’s accounting software, thanks to tight integrations. Approvals can be made on desktops or via the free mobile app whilst on-the-go. 

“AI makes it inevitable that all businesses will adopt paperless invoice processing. The huge time savings and improved financial intelligence across the business makes it almost impossible for even the most conservative accountant to ignore it, says Neil Robertson, CEO of Compleat.

“Many businesses and their accountancy practices ‘suffer’ from the ever-increasing numbers of invoices arriving as PDFs via email. Frankly, starting the approval process by printing them out is just embarrassing; a serious waste of time, money and resources.” he added.

Finance departments can use this self-service purchase invoice automation software to streamline invoice capture and approval processes. They save time capturing all invoices, which speeds up invoice approvals by enabling users to approve invoices from any connected device. This solution also delights approvers and budget holders by accelerating and simplifying the approval process and ensuring that their suppliers get paid on time.

“We believe it is time to provide finance departments with an affordable, competitive, self-service solution to allow them to experience the technology without financial barriers and we are confident that once finance departments and approvers experience what is possible, there will be no going back. By making it deployable in a matter of minutes, we have leveraged AI and removed the last excuses standing in the way of change.” concluded Robertson.

Prices for iCompleatInvoice start from only £65/month, for more details visit

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Compleat Software is a leading provider of powerful spend management solutions for SMEs that eliminate paper and unite finance, procurement and budget holders, providing an accurate, real-time picture of company finances and budget availability. Offering the next generation of purchasing and budget management automation at an affordable cost, it’s “purchase-to-pay” software delivers a single seamless, paperless process that incorporates e-invoicing, purchase invoice approval, purchase order and receipting, employee expenses, contract management with comprehensive dashboards and reporting for every user.

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