Twelve Months of New Features: a 2023 Recap
December 14, 2023

Our developers have been hard at work this year, listening to feedback from our iCompleat users and constantly improving your experience.

Cast your mind back to January (insert ‘it feels like a lifetime ago’ comments here!)- a New Year, and some new tweaks to your user experience.

We made it even easier to create a new order by adding the layout and supplier within the Requisition form, as well as adding a shiny new duplicate function to Purchase Orders. Oh, and we sprinkled in a few navigation improvements too.

February saw some key changes to product functionality and automation. We improved supplier management by letting you control whether to send a Purchase Order to a supplier automatically upon approval.

We also spruced up approval workflow conditions by adding a matching status- with this, a match can go through auto-approval, and an overmatch can go on an exception approval workflow to validate prior to approval.

March came with even more snazzy new workflow improvements; you can now multi-select users to add into groups, export workflows, and we also made it even simpler to add conditions into an approval step.

In April we launched two new Sage 50 and Sage 200 connectors. And on the topic of integrations, we made a few updates this month- firstly, the transaction patch API modification allowed users to change the journal number after an invoice had been posted (pretty handy, right?). You can now also move a transaction that had been put in the success tray to posting failure.

And along came May, with another new connector (Sage 200 Pro this time). A noteworthy change this month was to our Import POs feature, which now ran matching to search for any invoices that were already in the system before the Purchase Order was added. To finish off May, we added line item codes and descriptions into Budgets.

Summer was now in full swing (actually- scrap that– we’re in England!), so what else could June mean but some sleek new updates to the look and feel of iCompleat. We added a cleaner aspect to our columns, text boxes and drop down menus… a Summer refresh!


iCompleat’s sleek new update


This month also saw some new features like the option to decide whether to include a delivery code on a PO template; this was particularly handy for users where the delivery code was a replication of the delivery address.

In July there were two important updates: users with the line level matching feature enabled can now see line matching status in accruals, open orders and committed spend reports. We also continued to update our approval workflows by adding a new approval step- selecting Order Creator as an approver.

By now you’re probably thinking we’re running out of updates… but we just kept going!

August’s additions included optimizing the export feature to restrict users from exporting more than 12 months at a time (don’t worry, this didn’t change how far back you can go in your transaction history).

Another handy tweak was adding the ability to see the full code when hovering your mouse over analysis codes that were too large to display in the text box.

New bits in September included two new connectors: Sage 50 V29.2 and Sage 200 2023 R2. There were some pretty big changes to iCompleat this month, most notably the removal of the ‘Documents aren’t ready’ banner that previously appeared in trays. We replaced this with Capture External for all customers across the board.

We also added custom fields into accruals, committed spend and open orders reports- these previously only included cached analysis fields. Finally (it was a busy one!), we added a new webhook to allow requisition data to be tracked and reported before the order is approved.

In October we made AP processing even simpler by making matching info IDs clickable. And we didn’t stop there- we also added each transaction’s matching status in a preview box, a super handy feature for those PO’s that have been signed off for 12 months of spend and invoices come through monthly.

We also added a new high contrast ‘Dark Mode’ update- spooky! (it is October, after all). This was all part of a wider accessibility update to help users with visual impairments.


iCompleat’s new accessibility update- ‘Dark Mode’


Finally this month we made it even quicker to edit invoice summary lines. You can now edit directly from the summary page instead of manually editing line by line.

We’re almost at the end of our list, but let’s not forget November. A useful AP update was the ability to convert an invoice to ‘header only’ extraction if there are lots of line items- this is particularly great for the likes of phone bills.

Another big one from this month was an update to ordering; when an invoice is linked to an order with multiple linked invoices, you can now easily view them all from the invoice summary screen. Time savings wherever possible is definitely something to celebrate!

And here we are in December. While the team wind down to enjoy the festive break, we’ll be putting the brakes on any major updates, but there will be some new bits happening in the background- like the ability to cascade fields for Sage 200 and Sage Intacct users, which should hopefully be coming soon.

But possibly the biggest headline of all that came this month was the news that we have now successfully migrated all our customers onto Capture V2- a huge effort for the Compleat team and fantastic news for all our customers as we continue to make invoice processing quicker and easier than ever.

Are there any new features we missed on this list that you loved in 2023? Perhaps a change you’d like to see in 2024? Let us know- we always want to hear what we’re doing well, and even more importantly what we should be changing!

What updates do you want to see in 2024?