Compleat Software’s: Philip Douglas Awarded CEO Of The Year
March 15, 2021

Complete Package From Compleat Software

As a business-to-business software author, the work of Compleat Software is focused on digital purchasing, invoice capture, AP automation, and real-time spend analytics for the SMB markets across the United States. The firm is also home to one of this month’s recipients of the CEO of the Year, 2020 – The USA title from CEO Monthly Magazine, the fantastic Mr. Philip Douglas. Join us as we take a closer look at the man and his firm to find out more about what it has to offer, and why he is such a worthy winner for his work as CEO.

Since its inception, Compleat Software has sought to be more than the average software and tech company. Instead, it has grown to become a highly disruptive software and technology company and one that empowers businesses and accounting practices all over the country. There is an outstanding combination of the firm’s seamless purchasing and purchase invoice automation functionality, with a unique e-invoice service, which has proven to be a gamechanger for both the market and the corporate side of the industry. Compleat Software’s founding mission has always been to deliver innovative and affordable real-time financial purchasing, as well as budget automation software that removes manual tasks and empowers business users globally to make more informed decisions about how to smartly spend their money. Compleat Software has been built on three core values: simplicity, growth, and openness. Firstly, the firm continually seeks to simplify its approach to doing business by designing products to make the lives of its customers and employees easier.

From there, growth brings exhilaration and pride, the type of which will make a new future for the entire finance industry. Compleat Software grows because it is not afraid to tackle big problems and create opportunities from them. Finally, the firm prides itself on being open and transparent, working together for strength and inclusiveness whilst building a culture that is founded on trust, respect, and integrity. Compleat Software is fundamentally different from its competitors, attracting both end-user customers as well as partners. It also scales from family businesses right the way up to those with revenues of more than half a billion US dollars. Though it caters to many firms, the promise is simple: this is not a point solution that fixes just one thing. Compleat Software is for growing businesses and has the options that they don’t even know they need yet. There is no comparable solution on the market for SMBs, and that is thanks to the growth overseen by CEO Philip Douglas.

A collaborative leader that has always championed a culture of learning at Compleat Software, Mr. Douglas boasts superior facilitation, communication, and coaching skills that stand him in perfect stead as CEO of Compleat Software. Achieving quick success in the market is not something that many can master quickly, but Mr. Douglas has always sought to understand the needs of the market and of the whole business so that software can be developed with pinpoint accuracy towards prospect and customer requirements. Understanding is key here; without it, there can be no accuracy of the software and no outstanding service from Mr. Douglas and his teams. He has ensured that Compleat Software has become the leader in purchasing and invoice automation with integration tools that have never been seen before in the industry.

Mr. Douglas has always been a firm believer in the fact that company culture should define what a business is all about. As CEO himself, Mr. Douglas has always expressed to his staff that the software offered speaks for itself. Therefore, the business should strive to be a caring and thoughtful one, with a deep understanding of others and the general health and wellbeing of those it works with. Mr. Douglas understands that people are in their working lives longer at times than they are in their social circle, and strives to make it an enjoyable time for his staff. Yes, there is hard work, but Mr. Douglas ensures there is plenty of smiles and laughter along the way; attributes that will surely go much further in building relationships with customers. Ultimately, Mr. Douglas seeks to inspire his teams with a calm, creative, and methodical approach to all areas of the business’ operations and growth. He drives the vision of the business and is outstanding in pushing forward with new ideas to effectively guide his team in improving performance, developing competencies, and increasing productivity and sales.

As any good business leader knows, the strength of the firm lies in its staff, and Mr. Douglas is always on the lookout for potential recruits to increase that strength further. In his capacity as CEO, Mr. Douglas takes great pride in wanting to know more about the individual, rather than their attached CV. Experiences and knowledge are important, but Mr. Douglas wants to paint the picture of a day in the life of a progressive fintech business, whilst understanding what a day in the life of the candidate is like. Humanity is everything for Mr. Douglas. After all, if he can have a conversation with this person which is easy flowing without pause or concern, Mr. Douglas knows he has the right person for the job. Giving people a chance is just as important. Compleat Software has employed people straight out of high school into junior positions, giving them a career path, further education, and insight into parts of a business that they might not otherwise see. Seeing progression in these individuals is a real point of pride for Mr. Douglas today.

However, there are challenges that Mr. Douglas has faced in his time as CEO of Compleat Software, just like any other tech company. It may be investing in new R&D ventures that didn’t work out as planned or recruitment in certain locations. Whatever the challenge, Mr. Douglas chooses to focus not on the things his firm did right, but on what it learned from it overall. Recruitment is a perfect example. Compleat Software focused its recruitment on its office locations, wanting to build an office vibe, complete with Friday feelings and feel-good factors. However, after looking at itself as a tech company, it came to the conclusion that it does not matter where someone is located. That culture can still be created, and all Compleat Software had to do was think differently. Engaging with staff and customers in a remote fashion, Mr. Douglas strived to create a culture remotely and did just that.

Ultimately, Mr. Douglas has poured everything into Compleat Software, and the result is a business that stands out for its exceptional services and outstanding culture. As CEO, Mr. Douglas has crafted Compleat Software into the complete package. His firm is one of excellence, and his service and dedication to the company are nothing short of admirable. He deserves every success and recognition for his work.

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