Compleat & Amazon Business introduce Punch-In
January 27, 2022

In an ideal world, people that buy “stuff” just want the most convenient purchasing experience, a competitively priced solution that can be delivered both when & where it is required.

For most buyers, Amazon Business is the vendor of choice for all of the reasons we already know from our personal online buying experiences.

The challenge for businesses is how to leverage that great buying experience whilst complying with the necessary bureaucracy required to diligently control that spend prior to the order being placed & then remove up to 90% of the time required to diligently account for it.

The answer is Amazon Business “Punch-In” with Compleat.

The buyer experience.

The buyer simply logs directly into their Amazon Business account & fills their basket then submits the “order” in the normal way.

The financial management experience.

Amazon Business intercepts each order & automatically creates a “request to buy” within Compleat. These purchase requests can be self-approved or go through an appropriate approval process (from any device) & on final approval, Amazon Business is update & the order fulfilled.

Finance now has total visibility & control of all spend commitments before the order Is placed, plus automated accruals & expensed costs management.

Compleat also provides very powerful automated GL coding & associated workflow approvals to meet both simple & sophisticated accounting requirements, saving time for everyone involved.

Accounts payable automation.

Amazon Business delivers the good & their invoices are automatically digitally captured, matched to the order / receipting without user intervention & either auto-approved or send for further validation & any exception management as required.

But the vast majority just get processed & posted into your existing finance system with a full audit trail.

Digital purchasing.

Amazon Business Punch-In with Compleat delivers the “Digital Purchasing Bridge” between the vendor & the customer, making the entire purchasing process seamless for everyone involved, removing maverick spend, reducing the risk of fraud, removing processing errors & much, much more besides.

Commercial Benefits.

Online buying is almost always cheaper because it presents the vendor with the lowest possible cost of sales.

Everyone that buys within any organization will prefer online buying over any other process because it is so fast & convenient

It removes multiple layers of internal bureaucracy of “analog” buying – generating an order on the customers systems for the information to be sent & then re-entered into the vendors system & all the errors that always generates.

It provides a far more comprehensive & detailed digital audit trial in a world where purchase fraud is on the increase.

It saves everyone time, it reduces the cost of what you buy, & it reduced the accounting processing time by up to 90%.

This is the future of purchasing & accounts payable automation.

We as individuals have already made the change – it is time you did the same for your business.

About Compleat Software: Compleat Software is a global Software as a Service (SaaS) business, developing & building next-generation Accounts Payable (AP) & Procurement solutions for businesses of all sizes at an affordable price.

Compleat provides automation & paperless processes across invoice capture, AP automation, online buying & digital procurement. Compleat’s platform is used by more than 500 companies across EMEA, APAC & AMAC.