Compleat Coffee Sessions Episode 2

Reforming B2B buying: is it for the better?

We are delighted to have Rory Forbes, Growth Director, join for a discussion about how the reality of today has encouraged a digital transformation in terms of B2B spend.

29th April
11:00 - 11:30

About the event

The sudden change from interacting face to face with employees and suppliers to working remotely has forced everyone – even the most sceptical and conservative – to reconsider which parts of the business can be digitised. In this session we discuss the trends of today’s B2B buying and the changes that we see in spend management.

About the speakers

Compleat’s Director of Sales Annabel Sim invites Max Kent, Director of Procurement, who has extensive experience in  optimising  buying processes and spend for businesses, to discuss how companies in the UK, and globally, have adapted to the changing demands of 2020 when it comes to supplier management and corporate purchasing.

What will the webinar show me?

Annabel and Max will discuss and give industry insights on current day B2B purchasing trends.

  • How the focus has shifted to everything-digital
  • What are the best practises for buying in a remote working scenario
  • What CFOs and accountants need to take into account when switching from manual to automated processes
  • What the future of buying may look like after the world goes back to normal

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Annabel Sim

Annabel Sim, Sales Director

Annabel is an expert in smart spending solutions and has been consulting customers about automating their AP and purchasing processes for 4 years now. She is currently leading the expansion of Compleat’s solutions in the UK, USA and Australia.


Rory Forbes

Rory Forbes, Chief Growth Officer

Rory has 35+ years' experience in the design, development, sales, deployment and support of multiple accounting and ERP software solutions including Infor SunSystems, AGRESSO, IBM Concorde XAL, Exact and going way back in time, Omicron one of the earliest micro-computer based accounting software suites. Rory has lived through transitions from micro to mini to client/server to best of breed and now to cloud adoption with automation and machine learning and AI.