Invoice capture for Accountants

Make money for your practice whilst making your life easier.

Digital invoice capture for Accountancy Practices

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Use invoice capture software to process invoices on behalf of your clients, adding more value to your service.

This means you can generate extra income for your practice whilst saving time for you & your clients.

You will have your clients’ invoices to hand when you need it. No more chasing clients for their invoices & sifting through folders of paper separating receipts, invoices, & delivery notes.

Spend this time you have gained on finding new clients!

Need the details?

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For a breakdown of our digital invoice capture software, check out the fact sheet here.

What the heck is digital invoice capture?

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Our invoice capture solution is a “plug & play” SaaS solution which automates the capture of invoices. Extended functionality allows your clients to create approval workflows & integrates into any accounting software.

The tools have been designed from scratch for Accountancy Practices like you to add value to your offering to clients, new & existing. We’ve worked hard to make it a scalable solution, so you can offer it to everyone from teeny bedroom businesses to massive conglomerates. 

Warning! Nerd speak coming up: we’ve harnessed AI & machine learning methodologies to deliver the highest levels of efficiency. These technologies give us the ability to automate the defaulting of general ledger (nominal), costing & project analysis coding at both invoice header level & at invoice line level. Using our comprehensive “defaulting” criteria, between 60% & 80% of all invoices can be accurately coded automatically, permanently removing this work from the process. 

And, of course, because all of this spend is being digitally accounted for, the data is easily accessible, by you & your clients. This means your clients can see the exact status of each invoice, if it’s waiting to be paid, approved, under query, or denied! 

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Reduce inputting errors

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Your team will have to input all the invoices received by clients to account for the spend. With an automated capture process, a computer does all the tedious work for you, reducing errors & increasing YOUR time. If the purchase requests are also digital, it can validate the invoices against them!

Instant visibility of invoices

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You & your clients can be confident whether an invoice has been received or not, by checking the system. You will have access to every invoice processed through our digital invoice capture software with a simple search function, & where an unstructured invoice has been received (in a CSV file perhaps) there will even be a mock-up of what an invoice would look like to help you visualize!

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