Retail & Marketplace Integrations

100% digital purchasing automation delivers the best user experience, total financial control, & the highest productivity gains, while also reducing the cost of what you buy.

Enabling Integrated Online Buying with every supplier website

Compleat’s groundbreaking technologies make it not only possible but also very inexpensive for all our customers to integrate their online buying with their preferred suppliers.

We use three sperate technologies, Punch Out, Punch In (Amazon Business only) & Plug In integrations to achieve this.

In all cases, the user experience stays the same – log into the supplier’s website, fill their basket & at checkout, the order is suspended & a request to buy (requisition) is created within Compleat for approval.

Thereafter, the buyers have full visibility of their transaction through the approval & delivery processes, removing the endless queries on the current status of their purchases.

The simplicity & convenience of the buying experience drives user adoption of your preferred suppliers, delivers total visibility & control to the approvers, budget holders & finance, while saving everyone a huge amount of time.

This is “end-to-end” Digital Procurement

  • Providing total visibility & control before an order is placed
  • Potentially saving you an average of 32%* on what you already buy
  • Delivering up to 95% productivity gain for everyone involved
  • Making the time to focus on more important work

Don’t limit your purchasing & accounts payable project to just accounting for spend; get ahead of the game & take control of your spending before an order is placed.

Cost Optimization Report

*Remember the 32% average savings claim above? Well, we’ve done our homework & can show you the detailed working & analysis!

A simple change of supplier & use of our Integrated Online Buying can deliver savings that far exceed your investment in our software, year after year.

A selection of current integrations

Compleat & our ERP author partners are continually adding new supplier website integrations on a daily basis, meeting the specific needs of our customers, on demand!

Here is a selection of the most used global websites

Amazon | Amazon Business | Business Prime
Commercial | Office Team | YPO
ESPO | Dryad Education | WPS Westward
Better Equipped | TTS Group | Comax
Browns Books | Lyreco | RS Components
Travis Perkins | Screwfix | Ebuyer
Staples | Office Depot | McMaster-Carr
Eureka | Specialist Sports | Nisbets
Blake Envelopes | Acopia | Banner
Brewers Decorator Centres | Champion Timber
WB Mason | StemCell Technologies | Misumi
Thermo-Fisher | VWR | Restockit
Bryson | eBAY | Euroffice | Jewson
GLS Education Supplies | Leyland SDM
Protrade | SDS London Ltd | The Consortium
HD Supply Solutions | Fisher Scientific
Nestlé Coffee Partners | US Foods | VERVE
American Hotel Register

My preferred online marketplace isn’t listed

Don’t see the retail & marketplaces you’re looking for? Get in touch & we will explain how Compleat makes it easy & affordable to add your preferred suppliers.

Ready to find out more?

Drop us a line, let us know that you are looking for more information or a demo & let’s get something scheduled!

ERP authors & reseller partnerships

Integrated Online Buying strengthens your sales proposition, addresses the growing demand from customer & prospects, turning a functionality gap into a competitive strength.

Build a strategic, long-term recurring subscription & services revenue stream year-on-year, with full visibility & direct control over trials, new customer deployments, upgrades, technical support & professional services.