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For automation to work, you have to make it very simple for everyone in the business. This starts with how they buy what they need. Integrations from your purchase order software into your favorite marketplace are a must!

Check out some of our integrations, from Amazon Business to Browns Books & dozens more in-between.

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Online Buying, Only Possible With Retail & Vendor Integrations

It's time for every business to take their purchasing digital. Every purchasing transaction starts with an order, & our purchasing & accounts payable applications are fully integrated with leading suppliers, such as Amazon Business, to deliver the ultimate buying & invoice automation experience.

This is “end-to-end” Digital Procurement: providing total visibility & control before an order is placed, saving you an average of 32% on what you already buy & delivering up to 90% productivity gain for everyone involved to focus on more important work.

Don’t limit your purchasing & accounts payable project to just accounting for spend; get ahead of the game & take control of your spending before an order is placed.

Read on for some more details & links. Just remember, we can't list every one of our integrations here. There just isn't space!

Cost Optimization Report

Remember the 32% average savings claim from earlier? Well, we've actually done our homework & can show you the workings!

Reshape Buying For Your Organization

Amazon Business

Amazon Business has the products you need to keep your business operating, from car parts & garage equipment to office supply essentials.

With nearly 400,000 office products offered at business-only pricing, Amazon Business is the solution to your purchasing challenges. Amazon Business offers the same ease of use & selection you expect from Amazon, but with features designed for your business needs. With competitive pricing, reliable shipping, powerful analytic tools, & purchasing controls, Amazon Business helps streamline your procurement & keep costs down.

YPO, Here To Be Your Helping Hand


YPO supplies products & services to a wide range of customers including schools, local authorities, charities, emergency services, the public sector & other businesses such as nurseries & care homes. We're 100% publicly owned, by 13 local authorities, which means the profits we make are returned to our public sector customers, delivering even better value for money.

Our range includes around 30,000 products & 100 frameworks; whether it’s pens & paper, computers, furniture, or even electricity, food & insurance, we can help you get the best deals around. We can combine your demands with our other customers, we can negotiate a better deal for you than if you tried on your own. All of this means that you receive the best possible range & prices without having to compromise on service or quality.



Lyreco are your responsible workplace solutions provider.

We can provide everything you need for work, regardless of whether your workplace is an office, a school, a warehouse, or a construction site. We aren’t just another a supplier; we work in partnership with our customers to help them achieve results that they value for their businesses.

Wherever you are and whatever your business, Lyreco can help you consolidate your supply chain and reduce your tail end spend, all whilst contributing to a more sustainable future.

You can also tailor your delivery options; from next working day delivery to nominated delivery days, consolidating orders from across your site will reduce your carbon emissions as well as your processing costs. Choose from over 9,000 products across 21 categories including cleaning and catering, PPE, office supplies and technology. We can also help you switch to environmentally preferable products from our Green Tree range, helping you reach your sustainability goals.

To discover our range and find out how we can support you, visit our webshop.

Why Kafoodle?


We have developed our award-winning software with food businesses in mind since 2014. In that time our core focus has been the simplifying of kitchen processes & helping food businesses remain compliant. The result is an easy-to-use solution that is quick to implement, whether you are an independent cafe or large enterprise client.

We offer an end-to-end system, from supplier to service, that enables complete business transparency whether of cost, nutrition, allergens, or oversight of ordering.

Browns Books

Did you know Browns Books (A T Little and Sons Ltd) has been trading in books for 34 years! Our customer-focused family business is un-rivaled.

With lots of user-friendly features including List Manager, allowing you to create & share lists, with either staff members or with your School Librarians Network. Set up your account with departmental separation if required, access to your canceled lines reports, outstanding lines reports, & quotes.

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