Introducing Punch-In


Introducing a real purchasing innovation. Punch-In provided by Compleat Software & Amazon Business. Upgrade your purchasing process without buyers even noticing!

Simplify the process, increase compliance.

Introducing Punch-In, the latest from Compleat together with Amazon Business.

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We all know that buying online just makes sense. It is faster, easier, gives greater choice, more flexibility, & best of all it saves you money! 

So why limit how many people in your business can buy online through Amazon Business?

Currently, "Punch-Out" is the standard for online buying. Users login to their P2P solution, bounce out to Amazon Business, & then back into P2P. Whilst this is still far better than many other processes, it comes with it's downfalls. 

Many users actually start shopping on Amazon directly instead of using Punch-Out.

Sounds frustrating. Luckily, Punch-In is here!

Benefit from all the key business benefits of punch-out (accountability, compliance, etc.) with the user benefit of not having to log into a P2P system before making a purchase.

No need to teach everyone in your business how to log into another platform. No need for P-Cards or Credit Cards so that you can control the spend.

With an Amazon Business account & a Compleat automation solution you can now control ALL of your employees spend.

Welcome to Punch-In - changing the way your teams buy & how you account.

Don't believe us? Watch the short video below and see just how easy Punch-In will be for your users.


Watch it in action!

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Innovative. New. Cutting-edge.

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Shop directly on Amazon Business & simply choose 'Pay by invoice'
No need to teach everyone in your business how to use another platform
No need for P-Cards or Credit Cards for every purchase
Have visibility & control of ALL of your employees spend

Simplifying Online Buying

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Your users simply log into Amazon Business & place their order as they normally would. 

You keep Compleat control with automated approval workflows BEFORE the order is completed. Wave goodbye to rogue spend & credit card slips.

Save money. Save time. Reduce workloads & ensure uptake across your teams. 

Keeping control for Accounting

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If everything that your teams buy is approved at purchase, easily receipted, & the invoices are automatically processed this gives you Compleat control & visibility without the headaches. 

No more checking against monthly credit card statements. 

No need to chase people down for receipts after they have purchased something. 

Fast. Efficient. Controlled.

Ready to find out more?

Get in touch to see how Punch-In works!

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Eager to learn more about Online Buying first?

We'll stop ranting on about how amazing Punch-In is 🤐

Ready to simplify online buying via Punch-In? We promise you'll be impressed. Oh, & we also promise that it's NOT 'too good to be true', in fact it's super achievable & you can be live in less than a day.

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