Amazon Business Integrations

Compleat and Amazon Business have taken online buying to the next level – introducing “Punch-in” to deliver the ultimate buying and most efficient accounting experience.

Introducing Punch-in!

According to Amazon Business2022 State of Business Procurement Report, 91% of B2B buyers state a preference for online purchasing over traditional methods. It can save you time and money by providing greater selection and shipping options.

Compleat integrates with Amazon Business’ Punchout and Punch-in, which allows for a simplified buying experience, greater compliance with your company’s spend policies, and improved spend visibility.

Amazon Business and Compleat Punchout

Punchout enables our customers to log into our application, access the relevant supplier website in a single click and then:

  • Fill their basket in the normal way
  • On requesting to buy, the order is suspended and imported into Compleat, generating a request to buy
  • Manual or auto-coding for the general ledger and dropped into the correct approval process
  • On final approval, automatically updating the supplier website for order fulfilment
  • The invoice (and optional receipting) is captured and auto matched to the order

Simplifying invoice approvals, delivering full commitment and accrual accounting, and updating the ERP / Accounting Software on final invoice approval.

Amazon Business and Compleat Punch-in

There is only one difference between Punchout and Punch-in – but it is incredibly significant to drive user adoption.

Instead of the users having to log into Compleat to access the Amazon Business website, they simply log directly into Amazon Business in the normal way, from any device.

Amazon Business knows you are a Compleat user and suspends the purchase, dropping the request directly into Compleat, after which it is then processed the same way as a Punch Out purchase to deliver:

  • Total visibility and control over every order before it is placed, with formal purchasing approval workflows and budget validation
  • Fully automated invoice capture / match, with formal invoice approval from any device
  • Posted to your accounting / ERP software on final approval

This results in huge productivity gains inside and outside of Finance!

Visibility and Control

We have addressed the major concern of CFO’s of uncontrolled spend and the considerable costs of accounting for it.

  • Replacing Pcard / corporate credit card purchases and the associated time to reconcile every transaction
  • Personal spend by individuals and processing their expense claims – after the cost has been incurred
  • Inappropriate spend – Amazon Business enables you to control what your staff are able to request and an approval process to ensure every item is relevant
  • Fully automated commitment and accrual accounting for every line item purchased, across multiple deliveries and multiple invoices
  • Without ANY change to the buyer’s purchasing experience

Productivity gains

The entire purchasing and accounting process is fully optimized for everyone involved, delivering 95% productivity gains for every business.

  • Option for self-approval purchases below a user defined price threshold
  • One click purchase order approvals from any device
  • Auto-GL coding at order stage with an option to review and edit GL codes at invoice approval stage
  • Removal of all credit card / Pcard reconciliations
  • Guaranteed purchase order / invoice 100% match for every item purchased
  • One click invoice approvals from any device
  • Automated posting to the accounting / ERP application on final approval


Buying online from suppliers’ websites is almost always cheaper, simply because the competition is far greater.

All major online suppliers continually update their pricing, reflecting their competition’s price changes.

With Amazon Business, suppliers are also competing with every other supplier on the platform, and that drives down the price you pay.

We conducted a detailed survey of prices paid by 5 of our customers from their current suppliers, across 100’s of items, aginst the same of equivelent item from Amazon Business.

On average, the savings available were 32%.

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