Enhanced Pay by Invoice with Amazon Business

Compleat Software in collaboration with Amazon Business, can now now fill the gap between your orders & incoming invoices; automating coding, matching, punch-out approval, ap automation, & simple posting to your accounting system:

  • All invoices from Amazon Business and other suppliers sent to you for automated processing.
  • Approve orders & match resulting invoices to push to your accounting system for payment
  • Full visibility of spend & tracking of outstanding invoices

Free Amazon Business Pay by Invoice Processing

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Special pricing and free Amazon Business invoice processing for life* are currently available to all Amazon Business customers. Compare this cost with the frustrations and time lost dealing with invoices the traditional way.

Want to learn more about Amazon Pay by Invoice?  Speak to one of our experts to determine your organization's situation and needs so that we can select the most appropriate plan.

Amazon video called learn more about iCompleat

Set the Pace of your Digital Transformation

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Achieve better productivity by activating one step at a time. iCompleat’s modular approach allows you to make progress quickly, minimizing disruption.
Automate Amazon Business invoice processing

⌛ Implementation: Less than a day

➡ Change the invoicing email address in Amazon Business

Automate all incoming invoice processing

⌛ Implementation: Less than a day

➡Notify all suppliers of a new email address for invoicing.

Configure Dynamic Approval Process

⌛ Implementation: Less than a day

➡ Decide on thresholds & approvers for punch-out catalogues

Unify the whole company buying process

⌛ Implementation: 1-2 days

➡ Build different users for every customer

Activate Quick & Easy Invoice Reconciliation

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Curious about the integration powers of AP Automation?

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Learn more about our integrations with Punch-Out for Amazon, Amazon Business Automation, and AP Automation for Amazon Business & more!

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