Automation for the Education Industry

Whether you are looking to start with some simple supplier education automation or ready to tackle procurement, the impact of supplier automation in education is inevitable. Compleat provides the best education automation solutions available for all sectors within this industry. So, what's so different about us? Well, aside from understanding the impact of automation on education & the simplicity of user adoption, we can help you with your data & save money. With these cost savings, the money you can re-invest into your students & your facilities will be priceless.

When was the last time you had excess budget for automation in education?

Let us teach you how it could be done.

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The education sector works incredibly hard to try & make financial ends meet, but manual processes for purchasing, budget checking, invoicing & approvals (as well as growing lists of suppliers) waste valuable time & money that should be used on what really matters: optimizing financial workflows for educational processes.

But it doesn't have to be this way. You don't have to continue using the same suppliers because you don't have the capacity to really explore other options such as sourcing new adaptive learning platforms. You don't need to keep a constant eye on what department heads are spending money on, when you can give them the control & visibility they need. With so many different software automation platforms in the marketplace, you can take comfort in knowing Compleat is on your side. 

Our application was built to make your education automation processes easier - not harder. & don't worry about adding to your Accounting or Finance teams' workload. We don't want a 6-month setup or weeks of user training. We want this to be a no-brainer. 

The Problems...

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Ok, we know that there are more problems & issues that you face with automation in education every day than we will cover here, or probably even know about!
These are just a few of the most common problems we hear from our clients, before we get them up & running.

Wasted Time

Manual processes are very slow & labor-intensive, leaving little time for anyone to focus on making a real difference or learn about all types of automation.

No Visibility or Control

All too often, the first time finance knows about budget overspend is on completion of the monthly management accounts without considering education automation solutions

Insufficient Funding

Every school has to compromise; there are too many demands & not enough funds, meaning the whole school feels the impact.

High Costs

Without the ability to purchase online & from preferred suppliers, already tight school budgets are strained even further.
Time is money

Stop wasting the resources you do have.

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The value of education is priceless. Compleat makes the purchasing process fast & easy by providing your finance team with real-time information & control to enable your education sector with a transformational financial edge on cost-savings through our our purchasing & accounts payable automation solutions, including on-line buying (from any device) through suppliers like YPO & Amazon Business.

This enables everyone (wherever they are) to make purchase requests, undertake formal approvals, & capture & match supplier invoices to help provide relief to the fractured education landscape.

These invoices, once approved, are posted to your existing accounting software ready for payment.

New educational processes have transformed the educational landscape into a financial nightmare of extra expenditure. To help you save costs & stretch your budgets further on, we leverage the spend data we capture to negotiate better pricing with your suppliers so your institute to can embark on the benefits of educational automation within the financial department.

These savings can really stack up - check out the case study below to see how much can be saved.

It’s faster, easier & much more efficient for everyone involved. Also, make sure to check out our events page & have an opportunity to sign up for The Schools & Academies Show for more insights!

How much money did the Girls Day School Trust save?

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Proof of concept - £17,000 ($23k+) in savings...
Catering project - c. £200,000 ($277k+) in savings
Projected to rise to c. £700,000 ($969k+)...

For Teachers

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Compleat makes purchasing much faster, easier & more convenient by enabling teachers (and everyone else) to buy online from preferred suppliers at much lower prices. This makes purchasing simple & quick, especially for “repeat” orders.
Every request to buy is automatically checked against the available budgets & approved before being sent.

By using Compleat to handle your purchasing (including online purchasing), teachers will love you & have more time for what is important to them!

For Senior management

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Every school is limited in what it can achieve with available resources & funding. This often forces senior management to compromise on an ever-growing list of priorities.
How can you:

  • Save everyone involved in the purchasing process a great deal of time.
  • Provide finance with real time oversight and control over the entire purchasing process.
  • Make the available funding stretch further by reducing the costs of what you already buy.

For finance

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Compleat extends the functionality of your existing accounting software with an incredibly easy to use application that:

  • Removes all of the paper.
  • Delivers a real-time overview & control over all purchasing activities, invoices & approval processes.
  • Enables buying more from online suppliers for the best buying experience at lower prices.
  • Delivers better control.
  • Automates posting to any accounting software on final approval.

For procurement

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As every procurement professional will tell you, their two biggest challenges are:

  • Extracting the spend data necessary to get competitive quotations.
  • Getting the school to then use those preferred suppliers to deliver the savings.

Compleat addresses both of these challenges; either by working with existing procurement resources or providing them as a service to save your school money.

Through our CompleatProcure application, we use the header & line-level data we capture from every supplier invoice to deliver full category analysis, consolidation & aggregation of supplier spend. This information is ready for tendering in a fraction of the time a manual process takes.

Cost Optimization & Spend Analysis Report with Amazon Business

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Ever thought your business would save heaps of money just by ordering everything from Amazon? We wondered just the same & have done all of the leg work for you! Now you can download our findings in an easy-to-send-to-your-boss report!

Make the decision to start saving...

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Honestly, get in touch with us today and let us show you what you could achieve. After all, you have made it all the way down here...

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