The Waste & Recycling Industry


Waste & Recycling companies are often stuck with a slow accounts payable & receivable process. 

Read on to see how Compleat tackles these issues to make the overall process easier & quicker for everyone in the business. 

It's time to put these issues in the bin!

What are the problems for waste & recycling companies?

The pressure of keeping the world clean & waste free is often too much to balance, but this mixed with a disjointed Purchase-to-Pay process can be stressful for everyone involved. 

That's why you should let Compleat take care of these issues for you, so you can invest your time back into your businesses goals & ambitions. 

Tracking your carbon footprint can be challenging

You are faced with the rising pressure of keeping your carbon footprint as low as possible but tracking & reporting across the different Co2 scopes can be difficult without industry standard carbon tracking data.

Purchases across multiple locations are often dis-jointed & hard to track

Comparing purchases & spend data across multiple locations or delivery sites is challenging without the visibility of multi-location purchasing data.

Staff are making errors inputting invoice data

The repetitive & time-consuming task of inputting invoice data is taking up vital time & resource. This could be automated, & time could be better spent on bringing value to the business.

Budgets are stretched & cash flow can be limited

There is no quick way to see where you can save money on the items you already buy & this is often ignored due to time constraints & limited technology.

How can we help you solve these problems?

Control spend & purchases across multiple locations & delivery sites

Wave goodbye to old spreadsheets, we’re going digital! Compleat’s Purchase-to-Pay gives you the insights to every planned & committed purchase, drilled down into project level. This real-time visibility gives you the ability to control spend as it happens across multiple locations & delivery sites.

Save money to invest in what really matters

Our Digital Procurement services give you the power to save money on the items you already buy. We break down your spend data into unit price, suppliers & procurement categories, including fleet & transport costs to see where you can make bags & bags of savings!

Avoid human error & save time to focus on more important projects

Let our AP automation software take care of the repetitive tasks in your business, meaning your staff no longer need to spend hours inputting invoice data, all whilst avoiding human error. Time saved can be spent on something much more valuable, like searching for discounts or working on new procurement or carbon reporting projects.

Track & reduce the Co2 emissions of your transport & deliveries

Monitor your carbon footprint with our Carbon Emissions Tracking & Reporting tool. Take control of the rising pressure for waste & recycling companies to become more sustainable. These Carbon Reporting tools give you an overview of the Co2 by tonne across your entire business to show you where you can make vital emissions & cash savings.

Access to real-time data can help with cash flow & forecasting

Advanced Analytics tools give you the visibility of all your current, past & future commitments. Having the data readily available helps to review your cash flow, make important decisions & plan for the future.

100% visibility & simple reporting for finance, procurement & management

Speed up reporting across the board for everyone involved. Gone are the days when you had to wait days for that important report, the data you need is already there in real time & only takes a few moments to report on.

This is the future of Waste & Recycling

Stop letting your time go to waste 🗑️

You shouldn't let your time go to waste (excuse the pun) by doing the same repetitive tasks that could simply be replaced with the power of automating your buying & paying process. At Compleat, we can create time to focus on the more important tasks whilst also saving you bags & bags of cash.

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Who will benefit?

Your staff

Let our AP Automation software take care of the boring & stressful jobs your staff do daily, like inputting invoice data & manual approval workflows! Take away the stress for everyone involved so you can focus on important projects that bring real value to the business.

Your suppliers & customers

Purchase-to-Pay helps to speed up purchasing approvals & enhance the entire payment chain, meaning suppliers get paid quicker without much human intervention. This can improve supplier relationships & unlock better discounts to invest in improving the quality of your service for your customers.

Senior management

Compleat’s innovative technology gives you real-time visibility of all your financial & purchasing data & it is vital for senior management. Faster & more Advanced Analytical reporting gives you more power to make better & quicker decisions for the business.

Procurement teams

Give your procurement team the Advanced Analytics tools they need to quickly & easily save money & keep costs low. A good procurement strategy can achieve significant savings across the board, & these savings can be invested back into the business!

Supporting you & your needs

Re-cycle your time into important projects that bring real value ♻️

You probably offer a great service to your customers, but do you often forget about the support you need?

There's no need to build a better process yourself, because we have already developed the products for you. 

We take control of the boring & stressful parts of Purchase-to-Pay process so you really don't have to worry. 

So kick back, relax & let us do the hard work.

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What is the Waste & Recycling Industry?

The waste & recycling industry covers all aspects of waste management, waste recycling, waste dumping & prevention of single use waste. Compleat Software understand the importance of recycling & sustainability, & we are proud to help combat climate change by staying a Carbon Neutral organization.

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We can arrange a dedicated 1-2-1 session for you & your team to see what our products can do... Don't come to this session alone! 

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Within weeks of go-live, Forge Waste & Recycling estimate that they are saving 75%+ of time across each step of the Purchase to Pay process.

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

"Compleat and Nuvem Solutions have made a really positive change to how we are doing things. Not just from user adoption of the purchase orders, but the clarity we have across the whole process from beginning to end."

Harvey Mills - Managing Director at Forge Recycling

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