The Utility & Energy Industry


Utility companies need the ability to manage every spend category effectively.

Compleat can support your finance, accounting, & procurement departments to make significant savings in various procurement spend categories.

Stop limiting your services & your potential for innovation.

What are the problems for utility companies?

Utility companies often struggle with the pressure of maintaining the nation's infrastructure. The last thing you need is a dis-jointed purchase-to-pay process that slows down the supply chain. Your time should be focused on planning for the future instead. #TheFutureIsNow 

The energy crisis is causing customer & supplier relationships to crumble

Suppliers, customers & staff are under an enormous amount of pressure to keep prices low, whilst also surviving in the current crisis. This is causing relationship issues & roadblocks in the supply chain.

The responsibility for protecting our environment is bigger than ever

All sectors, especially energy & utility companies are faced with the pressure of lowering carbon footprints for themselves & their customers.

It’s difficult to keep costs low & the quality of service high

Finding a way to balance customer success & keeping costs low is becoming much harder as your resources are more stretched than ever.

Time could be better spent making savings for the future

Your purchasing processes could be improved & your staff are spending time on manual processes that bring no value to the business. Could your resources be better spent making big savings for yourself & your customers?

How can we help you solve these problems?

Improve supplier, staff & customer relationships

Ease the pressure of the energy crisis for yourself & your suppliers. Accelerating the payment process can simplify the entire supply chain, enabling suppliers to get paid quicker & more efficiently. This saves time, resource & money throughout the business, all whilst keeping everyone happy, including your staff & customers!

Reduce the carbon footprint of your business, your customers & your suppliers

Our carbon tracking & reporting tool makes it so easy to see where you can make carbon emission savings across the entire process. The tools give you an overview of your delivery locations, transport & delivery hubs of every supplier, meaning you can consolidate these to make a big reduction in your carbon emissions.

Keep costs as low as possible, whilst keeping service quality high

Automating the entire purchasing process allows your staff to focus on more important tasks that bring more value to the business, like keeping service high & customer success better than ever!

Free up time to make big savings on what you already buy

The time saved with an efficient purchase-to-pay process can be detrimental in making huge savings for your business. This money saved can be spent helping you achieve your current & future business goals.

Transparency, 100% visibility & more control across the business

Keep your invoices, spend data, supplier documents all in one single real-time platform improves transparency for everyone involved. Having this level of control of your spend data can be powerful in helping you to achieve compliancy, full financial management & better reporting.

Improve your decision-making process with real-time data

Advanced Analytic reporting tools makes it so easy to see your current, future & past spend data in one simple easy-to-use system. This helps everyone involved to gain better insights on cash flow & capital, which allows for faster & better decision making.

Conserve your staff's energy to focus on more important tasks

Power your purchase-to-pay process 🔋

Manually processing invoices, purchase requests, & orders... you may as well leave the tap running!

So often, these back-office parts of businesses just get left behind. They don't have to keep up with the times like the public facing parts of the business. Well, the old issue around cost is now irrelevant, & what's stopping you bragging about your efficient processes to your customers?

Why not see how much time, energy, effort, & money you could be saving with a simple change in the background? Something to lose?

Who will benefit?

Your staff

Let our AP Automation software remove the two most stressful parts of the accounts payable process from your staff’s hands: invoice data extraction & approval workflows. Everyone will LOVE you for removing these repetitive tasks & freeing up their time to focus on more valuable projects that bring real value to the business.

Your suppliers & customers

Having an efficient Purchase to Pay process enables you to speed up approvals, get suppliers paid quicker & effectively speed up the supply chain. Better supplier forecasting & cashflow improves supplier relationships, allowing for better discounts. But it’s not just suppliers who benefit, these cost savings can be passed onto your customers & the time savings can be invested on improving the quality of your services. It really does keep everyone happy!

Senior management

Our quick & easy Advanced Analytics reporting tools improve visibility for everyone in the business, meaning the reporting data you need is right at your fingertips. Having this real-time view of current, past & future cash requirements, allows for better & quicker decision making. You’ll never have to wait days for that report you asked for, all the data is there in a single platform, meaning you can speed up achieving your company goals & ambitions.

Procurement teams

The utilities sector can be a volatile market, so keeping costs low is the key for procurement professionals. Advanced Spend Analytics tools give you the power to review your procurement strategy effectively & quickly. Help your business succeed & achieve significant savings, simply by drilling down into line level, supplier & industry standard Procurement category data. We know it sounds complex, but it’s super simple!

Electrify the process 💡

Simplify the supply chain for everyone involved

Make your suppliers, customers & staff life easier with a touchless solution for invoicing electricity, gas, water, waste & telecom. 

Compleat's full Purchase-to-Pay process speeds up the payment process for everyone involved, saving time, resource & cash to invest back into what matters. 

This mixed with our Advanced Analytics tools allows for even bigger savings & they may even make your eyes water (no pun intended)! 💧

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What is the Utilities Industry?

The utility industry is a group of businesses providing fundamental infrastructure necessities such as water, sewage services, power, dams, bridges, & natural gas. Today, utility companies are producing electricity using clean & renewable energy sources such as wind turbines & solar panels & reducing their carbon emission footprints. Compleat Software has remained committed to assisting the utility industry by offsetting carbon emissions & helping to combat climate change by staying a Carbon Neutral organization.

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We can arrange a dedicated 1-2-1 session for you & your team to see what our products can do... Don't come to this session alone! 

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Biogen wanted to modernize & automate its purchasing process & decided to partner with Compleat to develop and deploy a solution.

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"If you are an organization looking to make improvements in your purchasing processes, then you should look at Compleat. Were I to work for another company & I felt its purchasing operation needed tightening up, I would certainly be recommending Compleat based on the product itself & the service Biogen has received."

Rob - AP & AR Manager, Biogen

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