AP Automation & Purchasing Software for SMBs


Finally, P2P automation that is affordable & accessible to small/medium businesses.

Small business, big problems...

What are the problems for SMBs?

Times can be hard for small to medium-sized businesses & keeping up with competitors can be tough, that’s why it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest technology like AP AutomationPurchase-to-Pay.

You’re still relying on repetitive manual processes

You are still spending time on low-value activities like manually processing invoice data, chasing payments, & PO’s. This old way of working can cause errors, impact performance, & increase costs.

Controlling staff spend can feel impossible

It’s difficult to control where & which suppliers your staff purchase from. When you aren’t managing your orders correctly, it affects your purchasing process & makes it hard to save money for the business.

There is limited collaboration between teams

Different departments in the business may have their own buying processes with different tools. Without an efficient system in place, it’s impossible for your teams to work together collaboratively.

No visibility of spend & limited reporting tools

Without an efficient P2P system, there is no visibility of where your business is spending money. Reporting can be difficult because there is no tools to effectively implement an effective procurement strategy.

How can we help you solve these problems?

Automate your purchasing & improve efficiency

Compleat’s AP Automation software saves the business time & streamlines the process for everyone involved. When the process is almost entirely automated, it cuts down cost per invoice, staff time & any risks of human error.

Buy from your preferred suppliers at lower prices

Compleat’s Online Buying tools gives you & your staff the power to buy from your preferred suppliers at negotiated lower prices. Saving money on every purchased item adds up & these savings can be invested back into the business to help you achieve company goals & ambitions.

Approve payments on the go with the handy mobile app

SMBs are constantly on the go, & limited resources may slow you down. But there’s a solution. Compleat’s handy mobile app makes it easy to keep the finance cycle running. It’s so simple, just log in & approve on the move!

A single platform to keep everything compliant & transparent

Compleat's P2P software keeps everything in the process transparent. When you buy something online, a purchase requisition is created, it’s then sent to finance for approval. Once approved the purchase is made & pushed into your chosen accounting software. This means every step in the purchase has full visibility with no human errors, keeping everything compliant in the process.

100% visibility & simple but advanced reporting

Achieve 100% visibility by digitalising your invoice, spend & reporting data. This allows for more advanced reporting, meaning you can make quicker & better decisions for the business to help you excel your business goals & achieve something extraordinary.

Advanced Analytics tools to help you save money

Take advantage of the Advanced Analytics tools that show you where you can make savings across the items you already buy. Compare suppliers, consolidate deliveries & use industry standard procurement category data to see where you can make bags & bags of savings across the board.

Ready to achieve something extraordinary?

Small business, big ambitions 💪

Compleat’s products give you the power to save time on your finances by letting technology take care of the repetitive manual admin tasks (the boring part). It’s time that you focused on what’s truly important – your business goals.

For SMBs, cash flow is sometimes a roadblock, so that’s why we offer full visibility of your spend data with Advanced Analytics tools to compare pricing & suppliers. In fact, we take it one step further because you can use the data we have stored in our Data Lake to compare your spend to industry-standard procurement category data, meaning you’ll never overpay for the items you already buy.

That’s right, we bring the buying power of large enterprises to SMBs.

Who will benefit?


Digitalising purchase requisitions & automating approval routing makes the entire process run smoother, avoids human error & allows finance department to be more productive.


When the whole process is digital, payments become more efficient which can improve supplier relationships, allowing you to take advantage or early payment discounts.

Senior management

Having the data readily available is so powerful for SMT, you can report on vital business data which helps to make quicker & better decisions for the business.


Adopting Compleat's technology allows procurement leaders to be freed from repetitive manual tasks so they can focus on activities that bring more value & big cash savings.


Empowering SMBs by simplifying your purchasing & payment processes 

Whatever your business, however large or small you are; the SMB & Large Enterprise organizations seem to struggle with the same conclusion: Handling supplier invoices is always a pain. & typically, the SMB has normally been ignored in this marketplace or even cast out of it.

What most enterprise software companies do not realize, is that the SMB holds the key to a stronger, more resilient economy. But the truth remains, even organizations that claim to work for smaller businesses often don't deliver on their services. 

Well, guess what? We do.

With touchless management of supplier invoices as a starting point, take your SMB to the next level with Compleat! Save time for what really matters...

YOUR dreams. YOUR goals. YOUR ambitions!

So kick back, relax, & let us do the hard work.

Ready to see how Compleat supports SMBs?

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What is an SMB?

SMB stands for small to medium sized business, it is also sometimes known as SME, small to medium sized enterprize.

An SMB is a classification of the size of a company, but the statistics are defined differently by some government organizations. The guidelines are usually based on revenue, amount of staff or turnover. 

We been supporting SMBs since the day Compleat was born & continue to develop innovative software products for our customers.

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We can arrange a dedicated 1-2-1 session for you & your team to see what our products can do... Don't come to this session alone! 

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