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Easily manage approvals, purchasing, payments, compliance & all your food & drink suppliers in one place.


Put all of your efforts back into making sure your guests have the best experience!

We understand your problems & we know how to solve them.

What are the problems in the hospitality industry?

There are probably too many problems to list, from stretched budgets, supply chain challenges, right through to price increases & disruption to operations. 

The only way we can tackle these, is not by working harder, but working smarter. These are just a few of the most common problems that we can help fix.

Too much time is spent on manual paperwork & invoicing

Manual processes are slow & take up a lot of time, when your time could be better spent elsewhere on tasks that bring more value to your business, such as customer experience.

There is no control over which suppliers you are buying from

Buying from the same supplier is often easier & more convenient. In an automated process, however, it is just as simple to have multiple suppliers, so you can find the right items at the right price.

You struggle to find time to look for the cheapest & best suppliers

Searching through individual suppliers for the best deal is time-consuming & in hospitality time = money. If you don't have the data readily available or, even worse, on paper, it can be damaging to your business.

Life in hospitality is too busy to search for savings

It's not always easy to see where you could be saving money, especially if you don't have full visibility of your real-time & future spend data. This makes it harder to make vital business decisions too!

How can we help your hospitality business?

Control your online buying & consolidate your suppliers

Integrated online buying gives you the power to control where your staff purchase from, meaning you can only buy from your favorite (& best) suppliers.

Remove the need for manual paperwork & invoicing

You've spent too much time on menial paperwork, let our AI-powered Purchase to Pay Software take care of that for you, so you can focus on what's important to you & your business.

Simplify the entire purchasing process for everyone involved

Digitalising the entire process makes it easier for everyone in the business to see where purchases are up to. No more paperwork, no more chasing POs. Let technology do the work for you.

Gain visibility of your spend for better future decision making

Having real-time access to all your current, past & future spend data is powerful. Keeping all the data in one single-source platform enables you to make faster & better decisions, which in focus helps you to achieve your company goals & ambitions.

Save money on what you already buy & see where you are overspending

Our data lake gives you industry-standard data to see where you can make heaps & heaps of savings in every supplier category, from food & drink to stationary & transport. Seriously, the savings that can be made will make your eyes pop out (but not literally)!

Combine your deliveries & reduce your carbon footprint

In addition to becoming digital & removing paper (forever), you can also use our Advanced Spend Analytics platform & Carbon Tracking & Reporting tools to see where you can consolidate deliveries, which achieves both big buck savings & Co2 reductions!

Let us help simplify your busy industry

No need to make a meal out of automation...

No matter which part of the hospitality industry you work in, the pressure is always on you to follow hospitality industry trends to introduce more effective & environmentally friendly ways to work. Well, not only can Compleat Software have you up & running with the latest technology in as little as a day, but we will also be able to help you with your carbon footprint.

Calling all Hospitality Industry Leaders: Put the paper straws aside & commit to something you can really shout about!  

Who will benefit?

Your customers

Believe it or not, your customers will reap the benefits too. By removing the need to take on the manual tasks, you are freeing up your time to spend focusing on customer experience, retaining loyal customers & future success. 

Purchase to Pay software really does reap benefits to everyone involved from the start to the end of the chain!

Senior management

Take away the 'guessing game' for your senior management & give them the data they need to make important business decisions about your current & future goals. 

Save time & money for everyone in the business which will improve your potential for innovation & could help you achieve the extraordinary.


Take the pressure off your finance processes by letting our Purchase-to-Pay software do all the hard work for you, all whilst eliminating human error. 

Free up all this time & resources for the more important things, like finding the best & cheapest suppliers or vital processes such as month-end close, procurement, reporting, & everything else in the world of finance.


The days of manually comparing suppliers are gone, our Procurement tools show you all the data in one single source. You can view a supplier overview, and even drill down further by supplier & procurement category such as food & drink or transport.

Comparing supplier spend & making savings has never been this easy. 

Simplicity for hospitality

Gain visibility over all of your invoices & supplier spend

Our purchase-to-pay software has completely revolutionized the way the hospitality industry works.

Compleat is the only platform you need to save money & transform the way you work, from cutting costs right through to saving time & efficiency for everyone involved.

We remove tasks that could be automated & give you the tools to help you to maximize your service delivery all whilst allowing you to focus on what brings value to your business.

What are you waiting for? This is the bread & butter for hospitality... πŸžπŸ”ͺ

Ready to see how Compleat can revolutionize the way you work?

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What is the Hospitality Industry?

The hospitality sector focuses on the management of hospitality operations such as hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, destination marketing organizations, convention centers, country clubs, and others. The hospitality industry as a business applies to the administration of hotels, restaurants, resorts, and other institutions involved in hospitality. Compleat Software has made strides in this sector so you can make the best software decisions for your organization.

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Food Alert achieves efficiency savings above 90% by automating the accounts payable process with Compleat.

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

"Compleat was a revelation as it seemed to have been designed specifically to meet my immediate requirements. The alternatives either did not have the functionality I required or were priced for much larger organizations and too complex and expensive for our business.

My primary objective remains to save everyone in our business time and I can confidently say that, with Compleat, the time savings can be in excess of 90% over any manual AP process.

I can also say with equal confidence that there is no equivalent application on the market"

MehrdadFinance Director, FoodAlert

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