The Finance & Accounting Industry


In the finance & accounting sector, the role for accountants is changing significantly. 

Innovation is driving the need for change as clients are using cloud-based technologies. The next 'big thing' is now purchase-to-pay software, which digitalizes & simplifies the entire process even further.

We understand the issues within finance & accounting. We strive to resolve them.

What are the problems in the finance & accounting industry?

Technology is evolving & manual processes are becoming a thing of the past. But without an innovative purchase-to-pay system in place, it can cause lots of issues from staff relationships, right through to missing data & no visibility.

Too many individual processes across different areas of the business

There are often multiple people involved, all with different roles & it can be hard to bridge the gap between finance & budget holders. This can cause issues with confusion & complexity which can have a big impact on staff relationships.

Manual processes often leave room for human error

If any step is manually completed, it leaves a gap for human error in the process. This can cause inefficiency, increased costs & more resources to put correctly. Automation can take all these problems away & make the process seamless.

Time is wasted on menial tasks when it could be better spent elsewhere

Too much time is spent on repetitive tasks that bring no real value to your business. These processes are slow & take up a lot of time that could be spent elsewhere. 

Storage & environmental costs of storing mountains of paper

The amount of paper we can use in finance & accounting is huge! This paired with missing invoices & paperwork can cause delays in payments & cash flow issues. If it was all digitalised, there would be no paper wastage & all the data would be in one place.

How can we help you achieve the extraordinary in your finance process?

Improve staff relationships & create transparency across the business

Purchase-to-Pay software connects your teams & creates seamless communication, which improves staff relationships, efficiency & productivity. They can see all invoices, approvals, POs, suppliers & order data in just a few simple clicks & in a single platform.

Remove paper (forever) & reduce invoicing costs

Going digital & removing paper from your practice saves heaps of cash in paper, printing, & time costs. And, it's so much better for the environment & your carbon footprint.

100% visibility for everyone in the business

Enhance your decision-making capabilities by having access to all your current, past, & future spend data in one real-time platform. Believe us when we say... This data is powerful & can really help you to achieve your company goals & ambitions.

Simplicity for your business & your buyers

Replacing manual processes with cutting-edge approval automation, integrated online buying & advanced spend analytics tools makes it even easier for everyone in the business to purchase what they need, control vendors & save money on what you already buy. 

Improve supplier relationships

An effective purchase-to-pay system with a real-time view of all data can really enhance your supplier relationships. It avoids issues due to human error such as payment delays & missing data. It basically improves the experience for everyone involved from your staff, to your customers & suppliers.

Real-time data makes it easier to make important business decisions

Having access to your spend over time gives you the opportunity to make better & quicker decisions based on the real-time data available in the system. You can drill down into supplier, department, & geographical location to gain better insights on cash flow & capital.

Work smarter. Not Harder.

Simplifying accounting & finance for everyone involved

With financial risk management always in mind - Can you really count the cost of not working smarter?

Yeah, yeah, yeah... You've heard it all before, finance & accounting automation is the best thing that's happened to accounting since, um, computers? 

You like to save time & we like to help people like you save time. It's that simple.

Ready to let us show you what we're blabbing on about?

Who will benefit?

Your suppliers

The right purchase automation solution will improve the experience for everyone involved in the finance & purchase process. It really does reap benefits to everyone involved from the start to the end of the chain. 

Problems due to human error – such as payment delays – are gone... Forever. 

Senior management

Making the big decisions suddenly become a whole lot easier for senior management. All the data they need is right in front of them, so there's no guessing & no time delays on decisions that push business goals forward.

It really does give you the power to achieve something amazing because it saves time & money for everyone in the business, meaning you can focus on your strategy instead.


Finance professionals will LOVE you & adopt this system seamlessly. The software does the hard work for you, taking the pressure off everyone, all whilst removing the risk of human error. 

Time saved could be spent on valuable tasks like finding the cheapest suppliers or vital processes like month-end, reporting, or procurement.


Making savings on items you already buy has NEVER been this easy. Compleat gives you all the tools you need to analyze your spend data. You can drill down so far into your suppliers, procurement categories & even consolidate your deliveries meaning savings to your Co2 emissions too! 

In the past, this was a long-winded painful project, but our Advanced Spend Analytics tools make it so simple.

Transparency for everyone involved

100% visibility over all of your invoices & supplier spend

Compleat's purchase-to-pay software has everything you need to save money & transform the way you work, from cutting costs right through to saving time & efficiency for everyone involved from finance to procurement.

We remove manual tasks that could be automated & give you the tools help you to maximize your services all whilst allowing you to focus on what brings REAL value.

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What is the Finance & Accounting Industry?

The finance & accounting sector covers a vast range of accounting-related services such as bookkeeping, payroll, auditing, taxation & credit control. 

It involves vital financial processes such as month-end & year-end reporting, tax & VAT returns, accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoice processing & other accounting activities.

It covers lots of individual industries including insurance, banking, investments, services & businesses.

Most businesses have to be involved in finance & accounting in some way, so the benefits of purchase-to-pay apply to every business & every working individual.

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We can arrange a dedicated 1-2-1 session for you & your team to see what our products can do... Don't come to this session alone! 

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CIPFA's efficiency improved almost immediately & the visibility enabled them to make faster & better business decisions.

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"Compleat has significantly improved performance in terms of document management and supplier relationship management, resulting in faster reporting and more informed decision-making."

Peter - Group Assistant Director Finance, CIPFA

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