AP Automation & Purchasing Software for Enterprise Level Businesses


A new level of expansion developed with your enterprise level business in mind. Elevate your global footprint in minutes & scale your business to new heights.

Big businesses need big solutions 💪

Large enterprises can have even larger problems.

What are the problems for enterprise level businesses?

Process improvements at such scale are only possible with a range of applications. Thankfully, we have simplified this by providing a few, very powerful products. For enterprise scale businesses, the best opportunities for savings come from our P2P Automation & Digital Procurement products.

Your enterprise shouldn’t be relying on repetitive manual processes

Staff are still spending time on low-value activities like manually processing invoice data & chasing payments & PO’s. This old way of working can increase costs, cause errors & impact the overall performance of the business.

Controlling spend can feel impossible with so many employees

When you have so many staff members, controlling where & which suppliers they purchase from can feel impossible without the best order management tools & purchasing process. It makes it too difficult to save money for the business.

There is limited collaboration between larger teams

When you have more departments, they can often work separately. Various buying processes & different tools makes it impossible to work together collaboratively. Your business needs 1 single source & an efficient system in place to report from.

No visibility of spend & limited reporting for everyone involved

If you don't have an efficient P2P system in place this can cause low visibility of where your business is spending money. Transparency is so important for larger enterprises & reporting can be difficult without the tools to effectively implement an effective procurement strategy.

How can we help you solve these problems?

Automate your purchasing & improve efficiency for your business & staff

Compleat’s AP Automation software gives you the tools to streamline the purchasing process. The time savings for the business are huge, especially with enterprises! With an almost entirely automated process, it cuts down cost-per-invoice, staff time, & risk of human error.

Limit staff spend by controlling your preferred suppliers & getting lower prices

When you control your suppliers, you are always ensuring your staff buy from your preferred suppliers at negotiated lower prices. If you’re saving money on every item purchased, this adds up to massive savings for enterprises, meaning you can invest these back into the business & achieve those extraordinary goals.

A single platform to keep everything compliant & transparent

Say goodbye to multiple complicated systems, when you keep everything in Compleat, it keeps the entire process compliant & transparent. Audits are so much easier when you keep the entire purchasing process in one place, meaning every step in the process has full visibility & no human errors.

100% visibility & more advanced reporting for the entire business

Always dreamt of being able to report in real-time? With Compleat, you can achieve 100% visibility by digitalising your invoice, spend, & reporting data. This advanced real-time reporting means you can make quicker & better decisions for the business, helping you to excel in your bigger enterprise goals & ambitions.

Savings-as-a-service for premium enterprise customers

Our Digital Procurement services for enterprise customers takes away the hard work for yourselves. We take a look at your procurement categories, suppliers, & even line-level data & show you where we can save you money. Plus, we only take a small cut of the savings, meaning you’re bound to save money with Compleat!

Advanced Analytics tools to help you save money across the business

Not quite ready to let us take full control of your procurement strategy? Our Advanced Analytics tools give you the ability to make savings on the items you already buy & show you which suppliers are charging too much. We have a big lake of spend data, allowing you to compare your purchases against industry standard procurement category data.

Ready to achieve something extraordinary?

Taking your enterprise businesses to a whole new level with our buy & pay software

All business and enterprise organizations can benefit from an enterprise-level software. Let's face it, automating anything in a larger business is a challenge.

But what is an enterprise-level software? In short, instead of individual users doing the heavy lifting, digital technology is used to meet the needs of a large, enterprise organization scaling it to new incredible levels.

Seems like the perfect route to go if you're looking to scale your business, right? The challenge begins when there are too many voices, too many demands, not enough time.

That's before you even start to try & build a business case for the costs of introducing an enterprise-level software.

Well, what if you could save 30+% on EVERYTHING you buy?

Now, what if we could also get you 100% user adoption by letting people buy online in the way they know?

Obviously, we wouldn't ask these questions if we couldn't deliver, would we?

Who will benefit?

Your Finance Teams

Your finance teams will no longer be spending their time manually inputting invoice data, instead they will be focusing on high-value activities like saving the business money.

Your Suppliers

Your suppliers will love the new digital process because payments become more efficient for them. This improves your relationship together & can even generate early payment discounts for the business.

Your Senior Leadership Teams

Compleat gives SMT incredibly powerful tools to see business data in real-time. This helps management to make quicker & better decisions for the business, helping you to achieve amazing things.

Your Procurement Teams

Your procurement teams will love how easy it is to save money for the business with Compleat. Our products enable you to have a solid procurement strategy, saving money on line items, suppliers & procurement categories.

You can’t measure or streamline what you can’t see.

Whatever your size, you can achieve 100% visibility across the business

Achieve full adoption for everyone involved by digitalising the entire process in one single Purchase-to-Pay platform. We engage everyone involved with the process before, during & after, meaning you will always achieve successful implementation.

The number of benefits for everyone involved means there is no reason why your staff wouldn’t love Compleat.

Staff & stakeholders can see all past, current & planned purchasing data, giving you real-time data readily available to report to anyone in the business.

We make it easy for you to save time, money & improve efficiency across all teams, all with very little human intervention.

Plus, you could be live in a matter of days...

Compleat is incredibly scalable & whatever your company size or turnover, we've got you.

Are you ready to achieve the extraordinary? 

Ready to see how Compleat supports Large Enterprise Businesses?

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Got a question?

What is an Enterprise Level Business?

Enterprise Level Businesses are usually considered as large companies that manage hundreds, or thousands of employees, teams & staff members.

Enterprise businesses often have a large turnover, with fast paced growth & rapid scaling. 

They often have very big budgets that allow for flexibility with technology & innovation.

This means they usually look for scalable technology like Compleat Software's products to enable them to overcome problems & improve efficiency. 


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We can arrange a dedicated 1-2-1 session for you & your team to see what our products can do... Don't come to this session alone! 

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Benedicte - Girls Day School Trust (GDST)

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