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We understand the strain in the education sector & the issues you are currently facing. 


Ready for a change? It's time to create cost savings to re-invest into your students & your facilities.
You'll be shocked you didn't do it sooner!

We understand your problems & we know how to solve them.

What are the problems in education?

Ok, we know that there are more problems & issues that you face than we will cover here, or probably even know about!
These are just a few of the most common problems that we can help fix.

You're probably wasting precious time on repetitive tasks Manual processes are very slow & labor-intensive, leaving little time for anyone to focus on making a real difference.
Your finance team often has no visibility or control All too often, the first time finance knows about budget overspend is on completion of the monthly management accounts.
There is often insufficient funding in the education sector Every school has to compromise; there are too many demands & not enough funds, meaning the whole school feels the impact.
Costs are high & it's hard to control your staff's spend Without the ability to purchase online & from preferred suppliers, already tight school budgets are strained even further.

How can we help your school, college, MAT, or university?

Save time by automating repetitive tasks

Let our automation software take care of those menial tasks. If you have staff who spend hours & hours inputting invoice data, they can now use that time for something more valuable! That could be scouting for supplier discounts, processing tricky invoices, or investigating P2P Automation to make further savings.

Simplify the entire purchasing process with zero paper

Remove all paper from the entire purchasing process at the outset. This solution delivers the real-time status of every transaction (including payment status) & budget availability to everyone who needs to know, to put the entire business on the same page (but not a literal page, of course…).

Control spend as it happens

Compleat's Purchase-to-Pay delivers total real-time oversight of every planned & committed purchase in play to everyone who needs to know. Have real-time visibility of current, allocated & committed spent – drilled down to project level. This means you spend less time on spreadsheets & arduous admin, & more time on achieving your goals.

Gain total visibility of future cash requirements

The real-time view of commitments & accruals also enables faster month-end closes, speeding up the delivery of monthly management reports. Enable your budget holders to significantly expand their financial management skills, improve their financial planning to ensure they maximize the value of all their corporate spend.

Save money on items you already buy

Supplier expenditure allows you to review your suppliers in spend order. Make faster decisions on spend by consolidating your suppliers with Compleat. We simply break down your supplier data into categories to find suppliers with the cheapest unit price, allowing huge savings to be made. In fact, one of our customers recently saved 17k in a month on paper alone by using this simple tool.

Make savings whilst also reducing your carbon footprint

Our carbon tracking & reporting tool analyzes the number of deliveries from your suppliers & shows you the reduction in carbon emissions that can be achieved.

It simplifies that process, whilst also educating your users to place orders in bulk but less frequently, meaning more savings for you.

When was the last time you had excess budget for automation in education?

Let us teach you how it could be done.

Whether you are looking to start with some simple invoice automation or ready to tackle procurement, we're ready for you. Compleat provides the best P2P automation solutions available for all sectors within this industry. So, what's so different about education?

The education sector works incredibly hard to try & make financial ends meet, but manual processes for purchasing, budget checking, invoicing, & approvals (as well as growing lists of suppliers) waste valuable time & money that should be used on what really matters.

But it doesn't have to be this way. You don't have to continue using the same suppliers just because you don't have the capacity to explore other options.

You don't need to keep a constant eye on what department heads are spending money on. With so many different software automation platforms in the marketplace, you can take comfort in knowing Compleat is on your side. 

Our application exists to make your processes easier - not harder. & don't worry about adding to your Accounting or Finance teams' workload. We don't want a 6-month setup or weeks of user training. We want this to be a no-brainer.

Who will benefit?


Compleat makes purchasing much faster, easier, & more convenient by enabling teachers (& everyone else) to buy online from preferred suppliers at much lower prices. This makes purchasing simple & quick, especially for “repeat” orders. Every request to buy is automatically checked against the available budgets & approved before being sent. By using Compleat to handle your purchasing (including online purchasing), teachers will love you & have more time for what is important to them!

Senior management

Don't limit your school to the potential achievements you could make with additional resource & funding. Gain real-time oversight and control over the entire purchasing process. This saves everyone in the purchasing process a great deal of time. Plus, make the available funding stretch further by reducing the costs of what you already buy. All this means senior management teams don't need to compromise on their ever-growing list of priorities. 

The finance team

Compleat extends the functionality of your existing accounting software with an incredibly easy to use application that removes all of the paper from your offices. We deliver a real-time overview & full control over all purchasing activities, invoices & approval processes. You are able to buy more from online suppliers at lower prices. You can control spend much easier, all whilst automating the process then posting to any accounting software on final approval.

The procurement team

We understand that the two biggest challenges are extracting data to get competitive quotes & getting your school to use those preferred suppliers so you can deliver savings. Compleat addresses both of these challenges. We use the header & line-level data we capture from every supplier invoice to deliver full category analysis, consolidation & aggregation of supplier spend. 

Time is money

Stop wasting the resources you do have.

The value of education is priceless. Compleat makes the purchasing process fast & easy by providing your finance team with real-time information & control to enable your education sector with a transformational financial edge on cost-savings through our purchasing & accounts payable automation solutions, including online buying (from any device) through suppliers like YPO & Amazon Business.

This enables everyone (wherever they are) to make purchase requests, undertake formal approvals, & capture & match supplier invoices to help provide relief to the fractured education landscape.

These invoices, once approved, are posted to your existing accounting software ready for payment.

To help you save costs & stretch your budgets further, we leverage the spend data we capture to negotiate better pricing with your suppliers, so your organization can embark on the benefits of P2P automation.

These savings can really stack up - check out the case studies below to see how much can be saved!

It’s faster, easier, & much more efficient for everyone involved. Also, make sure to check out our events page for any upcoming events that may be of interest!

Ready to see how Compleat can help the education industry?

Give us a few moments of your time in exchange for a new world of working.

Girls' Day School Trust have projected future savings of 700k per annum in food alone!

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

"This was an easy, quick win. Compleat clearly demonstrated their ability to gather, quantify, categorize, & benchmark the spend data for the GDST, each school, by supplier, by cost, by unit of measure."

Benedicte - Girls Day School Trust

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