Not-for-Profit Organizations & Charities


The last thing you want in a not-for-profit is to be wasting money.

This is where we come in...

We understand your problems & we know how to solve them.

What are the problems for not-for-profit organizations?

Ok, we know that there are more problems & issues that you face than we will cover here, or probably even know about!
These are just a few of the most common problems that we can help fix.

Are you wasting precious time & resources on repetitive tasks instead of your mission?

Manual processes are very slow & labor-intensive, leaving little time for anyone to focus on making a real difference to your not-for-profit's mission.

Does your finance team often have no visibility or control over company spend?

Too often, the first time finance knows about budget overspend is on completion of the monthly management accounts, which is often far too late!

Do you often have to balance fundraising & your organization's budget constraints?

It can be hard to balance fundraising & controlling company spend at the same time. Having the tools available to monitor spend & make savings on what you already buy is often an afterthought.

Do you have issues with decision-making & your charities potential for innovation & growth?

Not having information readily available to make important decisions about your organization's future is damaging. If you had a real-time overview of your current & future budget, it would make your life easier, right?

How can we help your charity or not-for-profit organization?

Free up time to focus on valuable activities such as fundraising

The biggest benefit of purchase-to-pay is the freedom & time savings it can bring to your charity. 

Our invoice automation software removes the need to manually input invoice data. We scan your invoices and automatically input this data for you.

This removes those boring menial tasks and frees up time for staff to focus on more valuable tasks, such as fundraising, making future savings & increasing budgets. 


Simplify the entire purchasing process for everyone involved

Digitalising every step of a transaction can be so powerful for charities. 

Online buying allows you to ensure your staff are only purchasing from your approved suppliers, meaning you can simply & efficiently control where your staff are buying, to make savings on what you already buy. 

Then with the relevant approvers permission, you can approve a transaction for payment at the click of a button. This keeps it super simple for everyone involved!

Control staff spend as it happens

Controlling spend can be a challenge, but when you have a good digital approval process with the relevant approvers, it makes life so much easier.

Compleat's invoice automation tools allows you to customize approval workflows to every scenario, meaning you can wave goodbye to your charity's maverick spend.

It gets easier too, with the Compleat mobile app, you can approve spend on the go!

Gain full visibility of your spend data & make better decisions for your charity

Have full visibility of the entire purchasing process for all teams from finance, right through to procurement & senior management. 

This real-time & future forecasting data allows for better & faster decision-making throughout the business. 

On top of this, all your documents are stored digitally meaning you'll never lose an invoice again!

Save money on what you already buy & increase your charity's budget

With budgets becoming more stretched & costs increasing, having the cash flow to achieve company goals is becoming challenging. But there is a solution!

Compleat gives you the tools to see where you could make savings, simply by analyzing your spend data. You can drill down into suppliers, categories & even by item, all whilst comparing against industry average spend data from our data lake. 

Remove paper (forever) & improve your carbon footprint

There is a rising pressure to become more sustainable, especially for everyone in the charity industry as company culture becomes even more important to people. 

Compleat enables you to become paperless by digitalizing your entire purchasing process. We even take it a step further with our newly developed carbon reporting tools, where you are able to manage & reduce your carbon footprint by consolidating suppliers, orders & deliveries. 

Money & time. That's what your organization needs right now.

Do more for your charity - with less.

We understand that making a difference is your key goal. But how can you achieve this if your team are working hard to simply fulfil the finance process?

Automating your purchase-to-pay process gives your staff time to focus on more important & valuable tasks such as reporting, budgeting or operational projects. The time-saving in your staff working hours translates into financial savings.

You don't have to continue using the same suppliers just because you don't have the capacity to explore other options. You can save money on what you already buy whilst controlling staff spend by allowing them to purchase from your preferred suppliers. 

On top of this, you can make use of our huge data lake. Explore where you could make savings across several procurement categories, from office supplies to fleet & transport.

All these savings can help you achieve the extraordinary for your not-for-profit organization.

Ready to start changing lives & make a real difference?

Who will benefit?


Stop solely relying on your fundraising staff for cash flow when you can simply save money on business spend. 

Give your fundraising staff more time to plan for both short-term & long-term goals, which will improve your decision-making & your charities potential for innovation & growth. Freeing up their time for planning & project work could help you to achieve the extraordinary.

Senior management

As a senior manager, you often have to compromise on your ever-growing list of priorities, sometimes at the expense of achieving goals.

Compleat gives you the tools to analyze your real-time & future spend data, ultimately enabling you to make better decisions for your charity.

The real-time insight & control over the entire purchasing process enables you to stop limiting what your charity can achieve. The sky is the limit!

The finance team

Replacing manual invoice processing with automation is one of the best steps you can take for your finance team. 

It frees up time & resources, meaning everyone involved can focus their time on more valuable tasks that deliver value to your charity. 

Having the data stored digitally can improve visibility, avoid human error & help with vital processes such as month-end close, procurement, reporting & much more.

The procurement team

Whatever your size, we understand you are naturally pressured to maximize budget available for your fundraising activities.

As you know, charity spend year-on-year is huge & controlling staff spend can be a struggle for procurement professionals.

We give you the tools to enable you to make eye-watering good savings on the items you already buy, all through advanced spend analytics tools. See where you are overspending by category, or drill down further into suppliers or line-level items - meaning more budget for your charity projects! 


Simplifying the way not-for-profit organizations & charities buy, pay & save

Getting the best bang for your buck is vital for all business entities, especially in not-for-profit organizations & charities.

Accounts payable automation & digital procurement have never been more accessible to not-for-profit organizations & charities. With costs as low as just a few cents/pence per invoice, you can begin saving on these costly & time-consuming business management operations that larger corporations are already taking advantage of.

Consider how much time you'll have to devote to fundraising or grant applications for charitable organizations as well as not-for-profit businesses.

Ready to see how Compleat can help your charity?

Give us a few moments of your time in exchange for a new world of working.

Compleat delivered ZSL a cost-effective, flexible, easy-to-use & powerful solution.

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

"Compleat is a very powerful application, but the flexibility and configuration delivers a very simple user experience.

A good example of the sophistication of Compleat is that we have complex VAT rules and Compleat was able to address these 'out-of-the-box' including the automated update to SunAccounts. Moreover, the ability to start with the cloud model and convert to a locally deployed perpetual model provide a cost platform that made the project possible."

Nick - IT Director, Zoological Society of London

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