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When we say we cater for every industry, we really do mean it.

Here at Compleat, we have the power to create time... for you, your staff, & your company. But the benefits don't stop there, we empower businesses to save money, improve efficiency, & increase visibility for everyone involved.

Every industry has it's own problems.

What are the problems for most industries?

We could go ahead listing every single industry's problems, but they often cross over. Here are some of the largest problems our customers have told us they have faced (before implementing Compleat's products of course).

You’re relying on repetitive manual processes

Are your staff still spending time on low-value activities like manually processing invoice data & chasing payments & POs? This old way of working increases costs causes errors, & impacts the overall performance of the business.

Controlling spend can feel impossible

Controlling where & which suppliers your staff purchase from can feel impossible without the best order management tools & purchasing process. Saving money for the business can be a time-consuming process, & nobody seems to want to take this project on.

There is limited collaboration between teams

Your teams are working separately, with different processes & various tools. How can you work collaboratively if everyone seems to be doing their own thing? All industries & sectors need a single source data point & an efficient system in place.

No visibility of spend & limited reporting

Transparency across teams is so important, but it’s often not considered enough which makes reporting difficult across the business. An inefficient purchasing process doesn’t give you the real-time data needed to make vital business decisions.

How can we help you solve these problems?

Simplify the process for everyone involved

Replace your manual processes with a cutting-edge Purchase-to-Pay process, with the latest technology; approval automation, online buying & integration into leading accounting software integrations. The tools are easy to use, require minimal setup & digitalizing everything reduces the risk of human error.

Integrated online buying at the right prices

Compleat’s Integrated Online Buying tools make it so simple to control which & where your staff buys from online, meaning you can take advantage of the lowest negotiated prices from your favorite & best suppliers.

Approve spend on the move

Say goodbye to clunky approval processes, we make the process seamless with a whole toolbox of approval processes, automated reminders & even a handy mobile app so you can approve from anywhere in the world (even on a sunny beach)!

Control spend as it happens

Gain full control of your future, planned, & committed purchases, all with very little user intervention. Our pre-set approval processes makes it easier than ever to control spend & our ‘2-way’ & ‘3-way’ matching does the hard work for you.

Gain 100% visibility & faster reporting

Improve your visibility with a digitalized overview of all your spend data, allowing for faster month-end closes, speedier monthly management reports, & forecasting of future spend. The data is all in one place, & in real-time, meaning reporting is better & faster for everyone involved.

Analyze your spend data for future savings

Get a monthly or yearly breakdown of all spend by supplier, department, location & more, comparing these against industry-standard procurement category data from our data lake. Saving money is easy, painless, & simple - unlike your past time-consuming procurement projects!

Simplifying the way everyone buys, pays & saves.

Empowering every industry, every business, & every individual to achieve the extraordinary.

At Compleat, we have the power to create time, improve productivity, & save your business money.

How do we do this?

With our simple Invoice Capture, AP Automation, Purchase-to-Pay & Advanced Analytics tools. Simply put, we automate any repetitive parts of the business, allowing you to focus on higher-value activities, like saving money on what you already buy.

Didn't see your industry listed?

If we listed every industry we work with, we’d be here for days (possibly months), that’s why we’ve given you a basic overview of how we can help EVERY business. Instead, we prefer to show you the benefits for your sector in a 1-2-1 demo for you & your team.

Are you ready to see this new way of working?

Who will benefit?


The adoption of our software is seamless. Staff loves how simple we make it for them. Can you blame them when we save time on repetitive tasks, improve productivity, & save the business money?


An effective Purchase-to-Pay process eradicates the risk of human error & reduces payment delays, keeping your suppliers happy & allowing you to take advantage of lower negotiated early payment discounts.

Senior Leadership

The full visibility of your spend data is incredibly powerful, it allows you to see your business data in real-time. Having this past, present, & future data enables you to make quicker & better decisions for the business.


Saving money for the business has never been this easy. Wave goodbye to complex procurement projects. We show you how to save money on what you already buy, simply by using your data to compare line items, suppliers, & industry standard procurement category data.

Seamless integration with your favorite accounting software

Let us show you how we can help your industry...

We can arrange a dedicated 1-2-1 session for you & your team to see what our products can do... Don't come to this session alone!

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My industry wasn't listed, can I still use Compleat Software?

Of course! We cater for ALL industries here at Compleat, we are scalable & the benefits apply to every business.

Let us show you how it works in a 1-2-1 demo so you can make your mind up for yourself... 20 minutes of your time could be exchanged for a whole new innovative world of working! 

How do I book a demo?

We can arrange a dedicated 1-2-1 session for you & your team to see what our products can do... Don't come to this session alone! 

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Got more questions?

Want to have a chat with us? Whatever the reason, we love to talk! If you need any further information on what we do, or just want a friendly chat, you can contact us.

Compleat delivered ZSL a cost effective, flexible, easy-to-use and powerful solution. 

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

"Compleat is a very powerful application, but the flexibility & configuration delivers a very simple user experience.

A good example of the sophistication of Compleat is that we have complex VAT rules & Compleat was able to address these 'out-of-the-box' including the automated update to SunAccounts. Moreover, the ability to start with the cloud model & convert to a locally deployed perpetual model provide a cost platform that made the project possible."

Nick - IT Director, Zoological Society of London (ZSL)

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