Compleat automation for everyone, everywhere.

If you ask us, we don't really care which industry sector you are in, or how big your business is & our technology doesn't either! What's important is that we help you achieve something extraordinary. Read on for a few highlights. 

We work with ALL industries, but this is just a few of them...

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Education, Education, Education.

Save Your Schools Money To Invest In What Matters!

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When we talk about saving money to re-invest, what better example than for education?

What if you could save 10% on everything that you buy? What about 30%? How much money does this give you to invest back into students?

Well, we've done our homework - so you don't have to! We know that we can help you save a lot of money & a lot of time.

Not-for-Profit & Charities

Stop Spending Money On The Back Office!

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Getting the best bang for your buck is vital for every business, especially in not-for-profit organizations.

Accounts payable automation & digital procurement have never been more accessible now more than ever. With costs as low as just a few cents/pence per invoice, you can begin saving on these costly & time-consuming areas.


No Need To Make A Meal Out Of Automation...

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For everyone in this industry, the pressure is always on to find smarter, more effective & environmentally friendly ways to work. 

Well, not only can we have you up & running with the latest technology in as little as a day, in the very near future we will be able to help you with your carbon footprint. 

A Quick Break From Your Scroll...

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Ever thought your business would save loads of money just by ordering everything from Amazon? We wondered just the same & have done all of the leg work for you! Now you can download our findings in an easy-to-send-to-your-boss report!

Finance & Accounting

Can You Really Count The Cost Of Not Working Smarter?

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Yeah, yeah, yeah... You've heard it all before, automation is the best thing that's happened to accounting since, um, computers?

We aren't here to try & change your mind, we don't have to. We would rather let CIPFA tell you all about it.

You like to save money & we like to help people save money. Should be that simple!


Stop Wasting Time On The Boring Things.

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So often, these back-office parts of businesses just get left behind. They don't have to keep up with the times like the front of the house does. 

Well, the old issue around cost is now irrelevant. Why not see how much time, energy, effort & money you could be saving with a simple change in the background? Something to lose?

Still Not Convinced?

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What if we told you that we don't care how big or small your business is? What if we told you that we don't care what industry you are in either?

No BS.

While we are here to bring this amazing technology to everyone, we know that there are still companies of all shapes & sizes that haven't sorted this mess out yet. 

We think it's time for that to change.

From Every Seed...


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Whatever your business, however large or small you are, handling your supplier invoices is always a pain. 

Well, SMB's have normally been ignored in this marketplace or cast out of it. Even companies that claim to work for smaller businesses often don't deliver. Well, we do. 

With touchless managing of supplier invoices as a starting point, save your time for what matters to you - YOUR dream. YOUR goals. YOUR ambition!

To Every Oak Tree...

Multi-national, Enterprise scale...

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Automating anything in larger businesses is a challenge. Too many voices, too many demands, not enough time. That's before you even start to try  & build a business case for the costs. 

Well, what if you could save 30+% on EVERYTHING you buy?
Now, what if we could also get you 100% user adoption by letting people buy online in the way they know?

How Long Does It Take For An Online Buying Demo?

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You wouldn't believe us if we told you that we could demo the power of online buying in less than 2 minutes, would you?

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