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Speed up invoice approval and control spend

Spend and financial management software for small businesses

Automate your invoice capture, approvals, purchase orders and even online purchases from suppliers (including Amazon Prime for Business) using our intelligent small business financial management software.

Capable of being deployed in a day and priced to enable every business, irrespective of size, to benefit from purchasing automation, iCompleat helps streamline processes and save money.

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Limited resources and costly, time-consuming processes

Small businesses all share one common challenge: a lack of time and money to do everything they would like to grow the business. Getting the most out of resources is, therefore, fundamental – but when manual purchase processes are in place, resources are routinely wasted.

Inefficient processes

From slow invoice approvals and lost supplier invoices to late payments and fraud, manual processes leave your business vulnerable, slow down activities and lead to rising costs.

Disconnected information

Nothing can be delivered without an order being placed, however informal the process. But finance have no idea of the cash requirements until the invoice arrives – impacting budget planning.

Lack of spend intelligence

How much is bought online using the corporate credit card, who bought what, where was it delivered and how long did the credit card reconciliation take?

Rapidly deployable and affordable invoice automation

The iCompleat small business financial management software automates your purchase invoice capture and approval processes. The solution can be integrated into any accounting software and is usually deployed, live and operational in a single day.

Business Spend Management

Capture invoices quickly and access purchase history

Enable your team to capture supplier orders with automated approval processes, giving finance full oversight and control over future cash requirements.

AP Automation Solutions

Save time and money through online buying

Automate your online purchasing through global suppliers and access Compleat’s negotiated preferential pricing to save everyone time and money by paying less for what you already buy.

iCompleat introduces end-to-end digital procurement for your business. The more you and our community purchase, the lower the costs we can collectively achieve.

AI Spend Management Software

Remove up to 90% of accounts payable work

Release your staff from mundane accounts payable work through intelligence-driven spend management software.

iCompleat gives your team more time to develop their skills to add value, take a strategic approach to spend, and contribute more to business growth.

ERP Integration Solutions

Deploy scalable invoice automation in one day

Designed to integrate into any accounting software, iCompleat is incredibly simple to deploy and configure.

The solution can be live in less than a day and will also grow with your business, offering a depth of sophistication and functionality typically found in more expensive solutions.

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Spend management software for growing small businesses

Want to learn more about iCompleat – including how it accelerates invoice processing, provides end-to-end visibility of invoices and makes approvals easy? Download our fact sheet.

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What our clients had to say...

  • Client logo_Food Alert
    “My primary objective remains to save everyone in our business time and I can confidently say that, with iCompleatInvoice, the time savings can be in excess of 90% over any manual AP process.”

    Mehrdad Modarres

    Finance Director, Food Alert

  • Client logo_Fevore group
    “We set out to be paper free and finding iCompleat took care of the whole process for us. We especially like the integration with our accounts software.”

    Felicity Field

    Director, Fevore Group Ltd

  • Client logo_IMS fintech
    "iCompleatInvoice is a fantastic app which provides a user-friendly invoice approval function and allows the users to check invoice payment status instantly. This has helped our firm to manage the accounts payable processes more efficiently, whilst moving towards a paperless office.”

    Kristian Galea

    Senior Manager, IMS Fintech, Malta

More features you'll find in


Transform your purchase and invoice processing through the automated, touchless capture of data from supplier invoices – including header and line information – saving you time and ensuring accuracy. 


Track captured invoices, apply rules to manage coding and matching – streamlining processing – and automatically forward them to your accounting software, minimising human input and error.


Use our financial management software add-ons to access captured spend data to identify and action cost-saving opportunities across the board, working across teams to deliver a credible and compelling return on investment


Make buying easier, access trackable spending for real-time visibility (including budget availability), and achieve and sustain savings by encouraging users to buy from preferred suppliers and online.

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Compleat improves cash flow management and spend visibility while reducing indirect and direct costs.
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