Spend and contract management solutions

Leverage the data we capture for every supplier invoice – line description, quantity and price – to achieve a procurement utopia of real-time direct and indirect spend analytics using CompleatProcure. From a single platform, automatically consolidate similar supplier spend to generate online tenders with nominated suppliers, reverse auctions to deliver best value pricing and manage contracts (with alerts to review), renewals and termination dates.

Inefficient procurement leads to major problems...

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From extracting information from paper invoices and tracking spend, to generating tenders/e-auctions and getting employees to use preferred suppliers, far too much time is wasted in a traditional procurement process.

Inaccurate and incomplete spend data Understanding and documenting current spend is tedious but necessary work as the more accurate the spend information, the better the pricing that can be achieved.  
Different objectives and poor supplier relationships Each tender has different objectives, with the lowest price being balanced against supplier SLAs. Tracking savings achieved is equally torturous as suppliers cannot always be trusted.  
Maverick spend and less savings achieved Your hard work and the savings achieved are always undermined by maverick spend through other suppliers, but you are always held accountable.  

Real-time digital procurement that supports the whole enterprise

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CompleatProcure resolves your procurement issues. It provides detailed spend analytics, contract management, over 20 categories for indirect spend (filtered by supplier down to line level) and e-auction automation – everything your team needs to save money and increase productivity.

Seamless procure-to-pay integration

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CompleatCapture and CompleatProcure can be integrated into any accounting, ERP, and procure-to-pay application, including our own.

Simply replace your invoice capture application with CompleatCapture (and save money for a faster and more elegant solution) and CompleatProcure becomes instantly available.

Using our purchasing applications allows you to also use the general ledger and project analysis within Procure for the ultimate procurement experience and maximum savings potential.

Procurement intelligence and reporting

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Delivering sustainable savings has never been easier.

With CompleatProcure, you can utilize multiple standard reports and analysis tools, including Excel export and Microsoft Power BI reporting, to identify cost-saving opportunities.

Our procurement team is also on hand to deliver a turnkey service or augment your existing resource to maximize the savings you achieve.

Streamlined contract management and tendering

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Maximize your savings through our contract management solution (allowing you to see every supplier agreement) and ensure reviews, retendering and termination take place on time.

Our online tendering and reverse auctions also allow you to maximize savings achieved and oversee supplier SLAs relating to performance.

Sustainable savings now and in the future

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CompleatProcure is relevant to every business, whether small, medium-sized or multi-national.

Compleat is already processing over £10bn in spend, enabling us to negotiate prices with indirect suppliers that are far below what an individual organization can achieve.

Our solution immediately identifies the savings potential, quickly delivering ROI and ongoing sustainable savings into the future.

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Seeing is believing. Compleat is so simple to use and intuitive that everyone across every business enjoys the benefits from day one. Check it out and see for yourself.

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