Enterprise Spend Management
Intelligent procurement and spend software

Unify purchasing and financial management right across your enterprise

Designed to expand enterprise financial management systems for enterprise level business. Compleat enables you to automatically capture and process supplier invoices and purchase orders at scale.

Leverage rich, real-time analytics to track contracts, manage employee expenses and make informed spending decisions, allowing you to achieve and sustain savings into the future.

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The challenges of controlling enterprise spend

For any large enterprise that doesn’t capture all planned (particularly indirect) spend, the impact on cash requirement plans can be damaging.

Without clear visibility of spend, opportunities to coordinate savings will be missed, approval processes for unexpected invoices will be inefficient and unnecessary pressure will be put on your team.

No visibility of spend

When spend is fragmented and localised – either contained in spreadsheets or outdated reports – the ability to understand cash requirements and exposure to suppliers/currencies is affected.

Paper-bound processes

Reliance on paper documents results in the slow progress of transactions and lost invoices, leading to frustration between internal teams, damaged relationships with suppliers and inadequate access to information.

Rising, uncontrolled costs

Where spend is left to individuals without the support of comparative information or guidance to restrict buying to preferred suppliers of goods and services, costs quickly ratchet up.

Unified spend management brings teams together

Compleat’s enterprise financial management software supports all staff at every stage of the buying process, from sourcing to confirming payables. With Compleat, finance teams, spending budget holders and procurement teams work toward the same corporate goals.

eCompleatInvoice Finance Software


Compleat enables the automatic capture and processing of digital supplier invoices, integrating seamlessly with existing accounting/ERP software.

Dynamic workflow routing ensures invoices are prepared and processed without input, while embedded online spend data gives insight to support decisions.

With Compleat, you can unlock the intelligence buried in your invoices to inform sourcing negotiations and achieve savings.

eCompleatOrder Finance Management


Our enterprise financial management software makes buying easy and non-invasive for users.

Through online forms, readily deliver guidance from procurement and finance, ensure best practice is followed and set up and restrict users to preferred suppliers.

Also, embedded dashboards mean you’ll never miss a purchase again, with complete visibility of every spending decision.

CompleatProcure Enterprise Software


For organisations using our CompleatCapture solution, we can help you to make the most out of the database of spending information you have acquired.

By leveraging our network of suppliers (and our dedicated procurement team), we can help you to reduce costs across all spend categories.

ePurchase Enterprise Purchase to Pay

ePurchase-to-pay automation

Combining order creation and invoice automation, eCompleatP2P revolutionises the entire purchasing process for finance, budget holders and procurement.

Wherever, whenever, access a single, holistic, real-time view of every supplier – including current and historic transactions – and the exact status of budget availability to improve financial management.

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What our clients had to say...

  • Client logo_Selwood housing
    “Compleat consultants helped us immensely to set it up right first time. We piloted two departments, Finance and IT, keeping it simple and involved all of the affected staff assuring immediate success.”

    Claire Nicholson

    Finance Team Manager, Selwood Housing Group

  • Client logo_Biogen
    “Biogen has experienced rapid growth over the last few years, but speed of expansion and various staffing issues meant our PO and invoicing process hadn’t kept pace with change. The Compleat solution has definitely helped Biogen save time and money”

    Rob Bartley

    AP & AR Manager, Biogen

More features you’ll find in


Transform your purchase and invoice processing through the automated, touchless capture of data from supplier invoices – including header and line information – saving you time and ensuring accuracy. 


Track captured invoices, apply rules to manage coding and matching – streamlining processing – and automatically forward them to your accounting software, minimising human input and error.


Use our financial management software add-ons to access captured spend data to identify and action cost-saving opportunities across the board, working across teams to deliver a credible and compelling return on investment.


Make buying easier, access trackable spending for real-time visibility (including budget availability), and achieve and sustain savings by encouraging users to buy from preferred suppliers and online.

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Reduce supplier invoice approval time by up to 70% with Compleat.
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