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With paper wasting an estimated 70% of your accounts payable team's time and hours within other business units, it adds zero value and keeps people in the dark. Compleat transforms your organization and maximizes its productivity through paperless accounting software. No more archaic processes, no more lost invoices, no more holding back.

Lack of spend data suppresses effective decision-making

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In our connected world, we take instant updates from our social media platforms or our online shopping services for granted. However, when we make vital decisions about approving spend, we – ironically – rely on paper documents and invoices and without data to support decisions, approvals or reviews.

Hidden picture of true spend When paper is used to share data and confirm decisions on spend, you rely on centuries-old technology that does not deliver information in real-time or reliably at scale.  
Wasted manpower Employees are the most expensive and efficient resource in most organizations, yet their time and productivity are wasted chasing paper documents around for approval.  
Missed cost reductions Due to chasing departments to approve paper invoices, the intelligence within invoices goes untapped – and the opportunity to identify and leverage cost reductions goes unrealized.  

Make smarter spending decisions with digital invoice data

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The best plans usually start on paper (or perhaps the back of an envelope) but its involvement in day-to-day decision support should stop there. Our paperless accounting software gives your organization powerful tools that can be embedded into existing processes to provide financial visibility, invoice efficiency and spending intelligence.

Removal of all paper from your spend approval process

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As a digital, fully automated solution, Compleat removes paper from the spend approval process entirely, instead capturing invoices online and at source from suppliers.

To support your team, approval tasks are distributed in real-time with supporting information and documents and aggregated spend positions are also shared, enabling jobs to be completed faster and with confidence.

Put finance, budget holders and procurement on the same page

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Compleat eliminates the friction that comes with paper-bound processes, streamlining operations between budget holders, finances and procurement teams.

It also speeds up spend review and approvals, while all types of spend, including capital expenditure, routine contract values and ad hoc, can be tracked and shared by stakeholders.

Forecast spend with confidence

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Empower budget holders with the means to collaborate, plan and manage spend as far into the future as budgets, projects and strategic financial plans allow. 

Use Compleat’s tools to track transactions online in real-time and combine historical spend with detailed future projections to take financial planning to the next level.

Budget and project accounting

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Remove dependency upon local spreadsheets by providing budget holders, finance and procurement with a single, unified view of your organization’s financial position.

Compleat helps you move from paper-based plans and approvals to online transaction tracking. Thus increasing accountability, improving decision-making and driving better outcomes for customers, suppliers and employees.

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Seeing is believing. Compleat is so simple to use and intuitive that everyone across every business enjoys the benefits from day one. Check it out and see for yourself.

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