How to deliver MTD compliance best practice through AP automation

In partnership with The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), we'll explore how accounting practices can deliver MTD compliance best practice through AP automation

26 September 2018


About this event

Do you provide outsourcing services to clients using cloud accounting systems?

Are you looking for best practice compliance solutions for your clients to address Making Tax Digital (MTD), in preparation of April 2019?

This 30 minute webinar over lunch will focus on the implications of a simple change to your current thinking on how to provide the most efficient and compliant accounts payable (AP) approach to meet both your practices’ and clients’ needs.

With many applications simplifying the invoice capture and coding processes, we will take you through the ‘end-to-end’ AP automation process and delve into how this can transform the experience to both your practice and your clients, whilst opening outsourced accounting services to a much wider audience.

Join us for 30 minutes to find out how to:

  • Implement a fully auditable compliance practice covering the entire life cycle of every invoice, from capture, approval to payment in preparation of MTD.
  • Defining your Making Tax Digital strategy.
  • Achieve greater productivity gains to increase your capacity to take on more clients without additional resources.
  • Clearly communicate your practices differentiated offering to successfully engage with existing clients and acquire new clients.

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