30 minutes to solve your purchase invoice automation dilemma

10 useful tips for buying purchase invoice automation software

17 May 2017


About this event

In most businesses, budget holders and their staff are doing all the spending but then accounts payables teams are left scrambling and chasing down paper or email evidence that the purchase was ever authorised in the first place. As you know, it’s 2017 and there is software available to help you.

But which one is right for you?

Implementing a purchase invoice automation system can be a daunting project, and one that’s riddled with pitfalls and challenges. You need to understand the jargon, meet tight project deadlines and manage the interest of multiple stakeholders - and all whilst bringing the whole project in on budget. However, when done properly, a successful implementation can land you and your team respect and recognition from across your organization.

We believe the best decisions you make are usually the most-informed ones. Join us for a 30-min webinar where we will share 10 useful guidelines to buying purchase invoice automation software.

What will this webinar show me?

In this webinar, you will discover the prerequisites to look for, how to define the project scope, and options that you may be unaware of so that you can find the best automated solution that not only meets the core objectives of finance but will also be welcomed by everyone involved in the business.

Who should attend?

  • Finance and accounts payable professionals looking for a solution that will make their lives easier.
  • Budget holders (functional & operational managers) who manage the relationships with external suppliers and are frequently called upon to “approve” invoices.
  • Executives who want a clearer (and real-time) view of company finances as and when invoices are approved and paid.

Join us to discover some useful “shopping” tips!

About the speaker 

Annabel Sim is a dynamic sales consultant at Compleat Software who has joined the team with a vast experience in financial solution selling. She offers a different, fresh perspective on financial and budget software with a view to save businesses time and money. She has extensive knowledge on the solutions available in the market, which she researches and reviews frequently to ensure she can provide businesses with the best advice possible.