LIVE DEMO of the P2P solution used by WHF

Originally hosted live on 19/01/2022.

Duration 00:50:16

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WHF are successfully saving time & money through P2P automation

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You've been working SO hard to make financial sense of the last couple of years, but can't help but look over your shoulder at other schools that seem to be splashing cash left right & center.

The White Horse Federation, amongst many others, have harnessed the power of P2P automation to their advantage.

What's their secret?

Finally, that secret is out! In our webinar, we discussed what these schools are doing to save considerable amounts of money, allowing them to focus on what really matters, education.

Join Charlotte Newman, Head of Sales at Compleat Software, for an in-depth look at that solution.

37 Schools. 220 Users. Live in 1 day... Welcome to The White Horse Federation.

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Looking for proof that we can do what we say we can? Well, check out the testimonial from The Whitehorse Federation Trust and learn how they took steps towards achieving something extraordinary.

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Please get in touch with us and ask us! We are here to support you and your team on your journey, and answering a few questions keeps us on our toes!

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