Purchasing automation, budget management and digital procurement for schools

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Compleat makes automating your school’s accounts payable process and achieving long-term, sustainable savings affordable and justifiable

All schools (academies, colleges, MATs) share two common problems: not enough money and not enough resources to cover a growing list of priorities. We help your school to create more time through automation, whilst reducing the costs of what you already buy.


This is much easier and costs a lot less than you may think, with smaller schools implementing automation and going live in a single day.

But the real value to every school is how we use the spend information we capture to negotiate better pricing that stretches budgets and achieves more across the entire school, all delivered as part of our service.


The resourcing and funding challenges of every school are not going to solve themselves, so why not take a little time to find out more?


It could be the most valuable thing you do this year.

In our free guide, Purchase Automation, Budget Management & Procurement for Schools, we explain…

How automation makes life easier for everyone inside and outside the finance department, making more time available for what is important to them.

How we help improve governance and reporting whilst reducing the risk of fraud.

How online buying and purchasing with real-time budget visibility helps everyone to make the most of the available funds.

How we help you to reduce the costs of what you already buy to make the available funding stretch further.

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Download our free guide to discover how easy accounts payable and invoice automation can be, as well as how it can transform your school’s accounts payable processes.