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Scalable finance and accounting software for invoice approval

Extend the reach of your finance and accounting systems with Compleat. Automate invoice approvals, govern purchasing, monitor budgets and transactions (both current and historical) across the organisation, and improve supplier relationships.

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“The finance team don’t understand me or my team”

The modern finance function is commonly expected to perform a strategic support role for the rest of the organisation, but all too often it’s seen as a bureaucratic cost centre that provides basic transaction and reporting services. As a result, the opportunities to work with other departments to plan for growth and spending are frequently missed, leading to resentment, and so too the improvement of internal processes.

High staff turnover

One of the major challenges for any finance function is retaining skilled, experienced clerical staff. Inefficient processes lead to job monotony, which leads to high turnover when roles are evolving.

Failure to support business

When finance are seen as out-of-touch bureaucrats by other departments for using and adhering to inefficient manual processes, their role in driving change, improvements and new strategies is diluted.

Missed savings opportunities

When finance is bogged down in routine invoice processing, strategic goals are secondary. Chasing and making payments become more important than finding savings and efficiencies.

Take care of the transactions and the strategy looks after itself

Compleat offers finance and accounting software that extends beyond traditional invoice processing and payment services. Featuring automated approvals and real-time, aggregate views of spend data online, Compleat can act as a force for financial change.

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Remove arduous tasks and enhance the job specification

When accounts payable turnover is noticed due to new faces constantly chasing invoice approvals, it’s time to do something.

Our finance and accounting software takes the mundane work away from your accounts payable department, allowing them to focus on value-add tasks that enable organisational change, lead to purchase savings and improve supplier relationships.

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Visibility and control, on tap

Traditional historical reports undermine decision-making when delivered already out of date. However, Compleat delivers actionable data in real time.

The software aggregates spend data from invoice transactions and order commitments before comparing it with budget availability to support procurement negotiations.

Also, its support tools can be used across your organisation, enhancing decision-making, unifying teams and ensuring everyone works towards common organisational goals.

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Supplier relations and procurement aid

Balancing financial stewardship roles whilst feeding critical decision-making data to spending departments and procurement teams can be an arduous task.

Compleat automates these processes, elevating the role of finance from cost and transaction reporting to a strategic business function and best practice advocate across the organisation.

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Close monthly reports faster

With all transactions being accurately captured by Compleat’s invoice automation and approval software, they also get distributed quickly to ensure more invoices are posted into your accounting software before each month-end.

Close faster and spend less time guessing accruals as Compleat keeps you and your colleagues in other departments up to date.

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Transforming the AP process

Learn how finance teams can lead the workplace revolution by automating the AP process, thereby removing paper and improving collaboration with other departments.

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What our clients had to say...

  • Client logo_Biogen
    “Compleat has helped Biogen save time and money, improve processes and productivity, significantly processing twice as many invoices as before, in less time with fewer staff, with greater accuracy and control.”

    Rob Bartley

    AP & AR Manager, Biogen

  • Client logo_ZSL
    “Compleat is a very powerful application, but the flexibility and configuration delivers a very simple user experience.”

    Nick Napier

    IT Director, ZSL

  • Client logo_ontech solutions
    “We were looking for online authorisation of invoices, avoiding paper, from anywhere. Compleat is the ideal solution ticking all our boxes, making us more efficient and streamlining other processes becoming completely paperless.”

    Alan Gilchrist

    Managing Director, Ontech Solutions

More features you’ll find in


Transform your purchase and invoice processing through the automated, touchless capture of data from supplier invoices – including header and line information – saving you time and ensuring accuracy. 


Track captured invoices, apply rules to manage coding and matching – streamlining processing – and automatically forward them to your accounting software, minimising human input and error.


Use our financial management software add-ons to access captured spend data to identify and action cost-saving opportunities across the board, working across teams to deliver a credible and compelling return on investment.


Make buying easier, access trackable spending for real-time visibility (including budget availability), and achieve and sustain savings by encouraging users to buy from preferred suppliers and online.

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Reduce up to 90% of Accounts Payable  workload, enhancing the service provided to colleagues.
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