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    Making your school budgets stretch further and enabling remote working for all staff

    Compleat purchasing automation for education

    Whether you are looking to automate your Accounts Payable or the entire Procure to Pay process, we can help. Where we differ is our ability to deliver significant and sustainable savings on what your school already buys and make it easy to do so for everyone involved.

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    Making your school budgets stretch further

    Digitise your AP process and make it ready for remote working

    How well is your school’s purchasing and accounts payable processes coping with Covid-19 vulnerable staff working remotely over the next 4 to 12 months. Without enabling 100% remote working, it may become impossible to place orders, capture and approve invoices, pay suppliers and produce statutory returns and management accounts, all in a timely and secure manner.

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Are you working flat out just to stand still?

Every school works incredibly hard to try and make financial ends meet, but manual processes for purchasing, budget checking, invoicing and approvals (as well as growing lists of suppliers) waste valuable time that should be used on what really matters.

Furthermore, as more key staff work remotely, the ability to effectively manage the AP function is hindered – leading to unapproved invoices, delayed payments, late cashflow and management accounts and more.

Wasted time

Manual processes are very slow and labour-intensive, leaving little time for anyone to focus on making a real difference.

No visibility or control

All too often, the first time finance knows about budget overspend is on completion of the monthly management accounts.

Insufficient funding

Every school has to compromise; there are too many demands and not enough funds, meaning the whole school feels the pinch.

High Costs

Without the means to buy online and from preferred suppliers, already limited school budgets are hampered further.

Poor processes

The ability to work from home has become increasingly essential, but without a digitised AP process, there will be major delays.

Save time, save money

We make the purchasing process fast and easy by providing your finance team with real-time information and control.

Our purchasing and accounts payable automation, including on-line buying (from any device) through suppliers like YPO and Amazon Business, enables everyone (wherever they are) to make purchase requests, undertake formal approvals, and capture and match supplier invoices. These invoices, once approved, are posted to your existing accounting software ready for payment.

Then, to help you save costs and stretch your budgets further, we leverage the spend data we capture to negotiate better pricing with your suppliers.

It’s faster, easier and much more efficient for everyone involved.


For remote staff

The only certainty for all of us is that the next four to twelve months will see a significant number of our staff not wanting to take the risk of coming to work.

Without remote working in place, the accounts payable process will suffer through delays, whether to purchase essential supplies or delayed payment to critical suppliers who then withhold those supplies, as they too feel the financial pinch.

And without timely and accurate statutory returns, cashflow and management accounts, the school becomes financially blind.

So take the time to look and to test Compleat. If satisfied, make the change.


For teachers

Compleat makes purchasing much faster, easier and more convenient by enabling teachers (and everyone else) to buy online from preferred suppliers at much lower prices. This makes purchasing simple and quick, especially for “repeat” orders.

Every request to buy is automatically checked against the available budgets and approved before being sent.

Also, all invoices are digitally captured, matched to orders/receipts and then automatically sent for approval.

By using Compleat to handle your purchasing (including online purchasing), teachers will love you and have more time for what is important to them!


For senior management

Every school is limited in what it can achieve within available resources and funding, often forcing senior management to compromise on an ever-growing list of priorities.

Compleat is focused on delivering on three primary objectives:

  • Save everyone involved in the purchasing process a great deal of time, both inside and outside of finance
  • Provide finance with real time oversight and control over the entire purchasing process
  • Make the available funding stretch further by reducing the costs of what you already buy

The savings we can achieve often run into hundreds of thousands of pounds year-on-year and that is enough to make a real difference to any school.


For finance

Compleat extends the functionality of your existing accounting software with an incredibly easy to use application that:

  • Removes all of the paper
  • Delivers a real-time overview and control over all purchasing activities, invoice capture and approval processes
  • Enables buying more from online suppliers for the best buying experience at lower prices
  • Delivers better control through:
    • Real-time budget checks
    • Preferred supplier adoption to deliver the savings
    • Automated commitment and accruals for month-end close
  • Automates posting to any accounting software on final approval

For procurement

As every procurement professional will tell you, their two biggest challenges are:

  • Extracting the spend data necessary to get competitive quotations
  • Getting the school to then use those preferred suppliers to deliver the savings

Compleat addresses both of these challenges; either by working with existing procurement resources or providing them as a service to save your school money.

Through our CompleatProcure application, we utilise the header and line-level data we capture from every supplier invoice to deliver full category analysis, consolidation and aggregation of supplier spend. This information is ready for tendering in a fraction of the time a manual process takes.

We then deliver the best online purchasing experience to ensure everyone buys from preferred suppliers to deliver those savings.

Making significant savings has never been easier.

Simple to use and fast to deploy. Try it for yourself

Our Compleat application is usually deployed and taken live in just one or two days and can be live in under a week for multi-schools and MATs.

Our applications are designed to make it simple, easy and convenient for those that order, and provides finance with complete control over the entire process. Everyone wins.

If you want to see Compleat in action, we offer a 30-day free trial. Check it out for yourself using the button.

30-day free trial

Watch our on-demand webinar

Want to find out how Compleat can help to stretch your school’s budget further, automate your purchasing process, enable teachers to buy online and allow you to achieve sustainable savings that can be as much as hundreds of thousands of pounds?

Watch our pre-recorded version at a time that suits you. Come see how we can help you to get more out of your school's budget.

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Purchase automation, budget management & procurement for schools

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Learn more about Compleat’s AP and purchase automation for schools

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Making a strategic decision to benefit the entire school for years to come

Compleat offers two applications to enable every school to save time and make long-term strategic and sustainable savings:

  • iCompleat – a low-cost “Buy to Pay” application that can be deployed and live within one day

  • eCompleat – a “Procure to Pay” solution for larger schools and multi-academy trusts (MATs)
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These applications extend the capabilities of your existing accounting / ERP applications and:

  • Provide teachers with the easiest and simplest purchasing experience while enabling schools to make the most of their budgets.
  • Simplify the entire buying and accounting experience by allowing teachers to buy from our partner suppliers, Amazon Business and YPO
  • Deliver the most compelling return on investment and benefit your entire school
Let’s make those budgets go further.

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