Delivering substantial and sustainable savings for every business

Digital procurement savings as a service

Compleat has revolutionised digital procurement by leveraging the spend data we capture from every supplier and invoice (including header and line data).

Our Savings as a Service offering can identify and deliver substantial and sustainable savings, all delivered as a service for every business.

Simply request a spend and savings review and we will provide our Savings Potential Estimate at no charge.

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Use spend management to reduce the cost of what you already buy

Historically, the time and cost of undertaking a detailed spend review to capture, categorise and consolidate the spend data and tender it has been greater than the potential savings available. However, by digitising the entire procurement process and providing the necessary resources and expertise, every business can now enjoy savings that can run into £100k’s, year on year.

Spend data capture

CompleatCapture (e-Invoicing) automatically delivers granular supplier spend analysis for every supplier invoice, line-item description and price paid, benchmarked against the market.

Spend categorisation

Our CompleatProcure application automatically categorises spend and identifies the potential savings available by simply paying less for what you already buy.

Delivered as a service

Compleat provides the spend management consulting services to identify your savings potential, all delivered at zero cost.


Quantify your procurement savings potential

Every procurement professional will agree that their greatest challenge is to capture the invoice data they require in order to start their cost optimisation process. For most, however, the only option is to manually extract every line of each invoice sat in the filing cabinet before they can start a savings review. For high volume, low-cost items, this is not commercially viable.

But by using Compleat’s procurement automation software, we streamline this entire process, automatically delivering granular and aggregated spend analytics to quantify your savings potential.

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Spend optimisation as a service

Compleat and our Spend Management Partners provide the expertise, resources, applications and technology to make your procurement process fully digital. This enables us to review and identify savings across every aspect of your current spend.

We also provide consulting services to help you maximise the savings you achieve by optimising your procurement process, whether to make existing budgets stretch further, or to directly benefit your cashflow and profitability.

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Benefit from online buying and control maverick spend

Having identified and quantified the potential savings, drive user adoption to deliver those savings by buying more online. The user gains the ultimate buying experience, finance gain visibility, automation and control over the entire process and – by working together –  we systematically reduce “maverick spend” to maximise the savings you achieve year on year and across every area of your corporate spend.

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Utilise Amazon Business and other online marketplaces to reduce costs

Every business will make immediate and substantial savings (up to 43%!) by buying more through Amazon Business and other online marketplaces. This is because multiple suppliers of similar products compete with each other for your business!

So delight your users with the ultimate buying experience from any device, take total financial control over the process and save time whilst delivering quantifiable savings to the business.

Why would you buy any other way?

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Every engagement starts with an initial high-level review that explains our services and provides an initial estimate of savings.

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Digital procurement and outsourced procurement services that expand your purchasing capabilities to save you money on what you already buy.

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How much money can you save on average with CompleatProcure – our spend analysis software? Download our spend and savings analysis document to find out.

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    "Compleat has helped Biogen save time and money, improve processes and productivity, significantly processing twice as many invoices as before, in less time with fewer staff, with greater accuracy and control.”

    Rob Bartley, AP & AR Manager


More features you’ll find in Compleat


Digital and OCR invoice header and line capture


Make it simple and fast to raise an order for everything you buy


Online integrated purchasing from Amazon Business


Automation to transform accounts payable and the jobs of your staff

A strategic approach to AP automation

Don’t limit your business to only solving the AP pain points! Take the strategic option and deliver real value inside and outside the finance department to save time and real money.