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CompleatBuy - fast, easy and convenient

Fully integrated online buying, including via Amazon Business

Everyone outside finance loves buying online from Amazon Business and other suppliers. It’s convenient, fast, easy and usually cheaper.

But for those inside finance, it often generates more work with less control.

CompleatBuy delivers the best buying experience whilst providing finance with total visibility and control by automating the entire process. Everyone wins.

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AP automation with online buying is the future

Most CFOs dislike online buying because often the only information available is a credit card payment. There’s no information about who bought what, where it was delivered, where the invoice is, who authorised it and who needs to approve it. As a result, for the finance team, the pain often outweighs the business gain.

Fortunately, CompleatBuy solves all these issues – and rapidly – by streamlining the online buying process.

Approve every purchase before ordering

By automatically capturing every “request to buy”, it is coded for the GL and formally approved before any order is placed

Automatic invoice capture and match

Every supplier invoice is automatically captured from the vendor and matched to the order, ready for finance review and associated approval

Saving time

Integrated online buying delivers the fastest and most convenient experience for everyone inside and outside the finance department, saving them time

Intelligent approval workflows

Workflow approvals are simple to create and maintain, automatically applying the correct approval steps based on each invoice’s profile. Approvals can be done from any device

Automated GL

Our powerful automated GL “defaulting” functionality can fully automate this at order and invoice approval stages, or key the information as part of the approval process

Cost saving and spend optimisation

Delight everyone outside of finance with the best buying experience and everyone within it through automation. Save your business money by paying less 

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Fully integrated online buying

Integrated online buying fully automates the vendor and customer purchasing process, providing the best buying experience for your business whilst removing almost all of the work to account for it for both the customer and the vendor. This is the future of purchasing for every business.

By giving finance absolute visibility and control over the entire process, we remove all of the barriers they face whilst saving a huge amount of time for everyone involved.

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Pay less on what you already buy

Having done the hard work to find the best vendor providing the best value, how often is that value to the business lost through maverick spend as staff fail to comply?

Online purchasing solves this problem by locking down options to just your preferred vendors. This way your business can make significant and sustainable savings year on year. It delivers the best buying experience and drives user adoption. 

So instead of staff spending valuable (and costly) time trying to find the cheapest price, only to add to the burden of finance to account for it, delight your business by buying more online and paying less.


Online buying for procurement

Having done the hard work to find the best supplier providing the best value, how often is that value to the business lost through maverick spend as staff fail to comply?

Online purchasing delivers the best buying experience to drive adoption and, by locking down options to just your preferred suppliers, every business can make significant and sustainable savings year on year.

Check out our procure service and really make a difference.

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Our application is a powerful, easy-to-use purchasing automation solution that makes invoice capture, approval workflow and online buying easy for everyone. 

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Key takeaways from this page

This handy fact sheet summarises the key benefits of online buying and presents a handy step-by-step guide to keeping finance and the business both happy.

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In our free eBook, we highlight how resellers can increase their ERP software sales by leveraging online buying, purchasing and accounts payable automation to address their customers’ primary challenges.

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    Once the order has been placed, Compleat automates the invoice capture and matching process and provides the option to send Amazon Business invoices for approval. Before this, invoices would have to be downloaded from the Amazon Business site and approved, disconnected from the online purchasing process. Purchasing through Compleat and Amazon Business is so convenient and simple to use, we now are looking to replace our current stationery supplier with this system.

    David Alcock, Finance & Operations Director

    Warren Partners

More features you’ll find in Compleat

Compleat Overview

Automation to transform accounts payable and the productivity of your staff


Digital and OCR invoice header and line capture


Using your spend data to save money on everything you already buy


Makes it simple and fast to raise an order for everything you buy

Don’t limit your business to only solving the AP pain points! Take the strategic option and deliver real value inside and outside the finance department to save time and real money.

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