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Addressing your current and future requirements, out of the box, Compleat Education is used by single schools all the way up to large multi-academy trusts, demonstrating the strength of our capabilities while keeping it simple and affordable for all.

Trusted by 2,000+ companies across the world including…

A diagram showing the compleat education process to simplify online buying and accounts payable automation for schools

Simplify shopping for schools with integrated online buying

Every education institution, with no exception, knows the absolutely crucial role of effective purchasing procedures. The purpose is obvious: get the most of every penny. This is where our integrated online buying platform comes in handy.

Save big with preferred suppliers

Our platform gives your staff the power to buy directly from Amazon Business, YPO, Browns Books, and ANY online supplier with a shopping cart function. The result? Unbeatable prices to stretch your budget further, all while keeping your finance department free from unnecessary stress.

Quick approvals and less hassle with custom workflows

Control spend across multiple schools or academies with group/parallel approval workflows. These custom workflows ensure decisions are made swiftly, without compromising diligence.

Go paperless and speed up approvals

Say goodbye to the hustle of manually matching invoices and all accounts payable processes. Our solution automates all that, thus increasing productivity and match rates. It’s time to focus on what really matters and leave us with the paperwork.

Invoice capture and Accounts Payable automation make the whole process slick and easy.

Purchase to Pay Automation makes everything easy

Imagine a world where everything—from ordering to receipting and processing of invoices—is so smoothly integrated. This is the promise of Purchase to Pay automation: a totally overhauled purchasing experience for schools and multi-academy trusts. Welcome to the future of educational procurement.

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Starting your purchasing automation journey

Whether you are looking to automate just your invoice capture and AP processes, or the full purchase to pay process, we can help.

Compleat delivers sophisticated and affordable solutions that enable you to address your immediate priorities quickly and simply, then use our application’s more advanced capabilities over time to continually improve.

Take the strategic approach to automation and invest in your future.

Case Studies and Success Stories

We’ve documented some of our customers success stories, as well as collecting the many lovely things they have to say about us! You can check out our success stories HERE, or read some of our love letters below…

We have 14 schools using Compleat...

“We have 14 schools using Compleat, each primary and secondary school can easily buy online with our suppliers including Amazon Business and YPO using Integrated Online Buying, rather than raising POs in a separate system, saving them a huge amount of time. Invoices are digitally captured and matched back to POs, saving our Finance team significant amount of manual data entry, reducing the risk of human error and allowing them to spend time more productively. Finance have real-time visibility of the status of all purchases and invoices across our schools and invoices are automatically posted to PS Financials.

James Rant – Finance Director, Red Kite Learning Trust

Fantastic Software System

“iCompleat has made the review, approval & declining of our company invoices seamless. It has saved so much work internally across all our departments. I can also easily search for previous invoices within the system. I have just started using the Amazon booking tool via iCompleat & again find it seamless & very easy to use. This has saved me from having to download & send copies of all my Amazon invoices internally. Great find saving, easy to use system.”

Niamh P – Executive Assistant

Paperless Heaven

“My experience & use of Compleat is limited to raising Purchase Orders for my organization. In this capacity, it’s an invaluable tool & ends years of rifling through, bulging, ‘dog-eared’ & sometimes lost paperwork. Invoices can be sent directly to the system further enhancing a paperless environment. It’s simple & clean to use. The layout is easy to grasp. It has revolutionized storage, retrieval, editing & works out VAT too”

G2 Review – Administrator in Fund-Raising

Nothing is perfect, but Compleat is very close

“Simple to use & collates everything into one place.”

Jim M – Facilities Manager

Support & helpful team

“Simple to use & collates everything into one place.”

Review on G2 – Consultant in Education Management

Great invoicing & order management application

“User-friendly interface & iCompleat offers all of the functionality we need as part of working with Sage to manage & process Invoices & Ordering. We also like the integration with Sage for postings & how we can use punchout applications such as Amazon FB for a seamless way to order products.”

Conor S – IT Engineer

Time-saving efficient tool

“Easy & stress-free invoice processing automation. Saves huge amounts of time”

Bryony V – Finance Assistant

Great Software

“Compleat Software is Easy to navigate & has an excellent help guide. When we raise a requisition, we can also set up specific approval routes so that your company can manage who approves particular items. To receipt a purchase Order is quick & straightforward, & if there are any errors, easy to edit. For employees to set a nominee during annual leave is very helpful & makes things much more efficient.”

Review on G2 – User in Telecommunications

Great product!

“I can have my supplier send invoices directly to iCompleat or I can forward them on either scanned or from my mailbox, what was one of my consideration points was varying invoice formats from word docs, excel & pdf, iCompleat handles all these, so makes my life easy as I don’t have to think about handling invoices at all.”

Review on G2 – User in Computer Networking

Excellent solution for all size companies

“First of all the team are superb, especially on the Procurement Services front as they really understand the function. It takes stress off your hands in automatically finding savings opportunities for you, which is not something I would have expected from a transactional software solution. The software itself has been surprisingly quick & painless to implement. They really do fill a void left behind by the major suites who tend to only focus on blue-chip logos.”

Review on G2 – Consultant in Computer Software

A Great AP Automation Solution for Better End to End AP Processes & Visibility.

“Cloud-based, no IT intervention & ease of set up. Integration into the main accounting/ledger solutions (e.g. Xero). Very user-friendly.”

Hilary H – Treasury Manager


“For us, it was the significant change away from paper & manual systems over to online viewing & approval. The flexible workflow approvals allow this to work for all scenarios.”

Review on G2 – Administrator in Performing Arts

A simple interface works well.

“Automatically sending the PO to the supplier without having to send an email manually”

Douglas H – Project Manager

Very good experience.

“The software is very good & it has helped me to carry out my job more effectively. I cannot say anything bad about the software.”

Review on G2 – User in Accounting

Very Helpful

“I have to say that we have found the team at Compleat to always be very helpful, having been with them since 2017 we have been lucky enough to be with them through a lot of development. They continually take on new ideas, most of which we see implemented along the line. The support response time is always swift and appropriate.”

Sarah Walker – Finance Manager, Waveney River Centre

Webinar: Purchasing & Accounts Payable Automation for Schools and MATs

We recently hosted a webinar during which we ran through our purchasing and accounts payable automation software especially for schools and multi-academy trusts. We went over ways to save your school/s time, money, and increase visibility on every purchase. You can watch the replay whenever you’re ready!

News & Blog Articles

We’ve written some insightful blog articles aimed specifically at schools and MATs, we;ve picked out some good ones below, but you can find more on our News & Blog page here.

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