Cost Optimization & Spend Analysis Report — Amazon Business

Get the answers to your cost optimization & spend analysis questions!

Cost Optimization & Spend Analysis Report—Amazon Business

In our spend analysis report, we summarize the details of a cost optimization analytics exercise undertaken by Compleat & Amazon Business during July 2020. This report highlights how much money businesses can save by using Amazon Business, how it can streamline the purchase order process, & how it can reduce the number of existing suppliers they currently trade with.

But most importantly, by fully automating the “end to end” buying – purchasing – AP process, finance professionals gain full visibility & control over spend before it takes place & then enjoys between 65% - 90% time savings accounting for it. Everyone wins, both inside & outside the finance department.

Cost Optimization & Spend Analysis Report Amazon Business

Save 1/3 of your business’ money on what you already buy

Every CFO wants to take a strategic approach to procurement spend analysis & cost optimization, but far too few have access to the tools & expertise required to do so. Modern technology has enabled businesses of all sizes to leverage digital procurement, but just how much can they save using this method, specifically integrated online buying via Amazon Business?

Download our Amazon Business cost optimisation and spend analysis report and find out how you can:

Save an average of 32% on what you already buy
Gain full visibility, control & automation of the entire purchasing process
Maximise your cost optimisation & analysis efforts
Use our SaaS applications to extend your ERP’s functionality
Increase productivity & savings by buying more online

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