Podcast: Compleat CEO on Top 100 Club

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Compleat CEO, Neil Robertson, is interviewed by Rob Brown for the BD Academy's Top 100 Club podcast. The BD Academy offers business development training to accounting firms and their podcast, the Top 100 Club, interviews top accounting leaders and global influencers about what makes good firms great.

Here are some of the show notes of the interview with Neil:

  • How the impact of Xero, Sage and QuickBooks and low-end automation has changed the accounting landscape completely.
  • Accounting firms have access to a rapidly growing number of automated applications – the critical part is deciding which are relevant to their clients
  • Growing firms recognise the importance of hiring millennials – they are enthusiastic towards change and understand technology.
  • Relationship wisdom for accountants – every single engagement is an opportunity to learn something.
  • The big frustration for large accounting firms is that there is never enough money, resource or time to implement all the changes needed.

Listen to the podcast for the full interview.


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