In the news: Traditional accounting software resellers face a 'slow death by attrition'

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Channel Pro features Compleat CEO, Neil Robertson's piece on how the market shift towards SaaS is creating a race to the bottom

Companies developing 'plug and play' applications, that can be purchased and implemented directly by the end user, are once again looking to the channel for added value.

From our perspective, both accounting software resellers and accounting practices can add a great deal to our product set and as a direct result, the quality of our customers' experiences.

Historically, it required a very significant investment by both the vendor and the reseller, and the reseller to achieve a very high level of self-sufficiency, for the relationship to work - therefore there were only so many applications they could adopt.

The question became which software applications delivered the best return. Plug and play massively reduces this learning curve, removing the investment issue and once again making the channel a suitable environment for software vendors like Compleat.

However, another reason companies are returning to the channel is simply because they have products the channel needs.


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