Are YOU the decision-maker?

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So, you want to introduce a new finance processing solution to your business. Who do you need to get on board with your thought process for this purchase? Are you the decision-maker?

I get a call at least 2-3 times a week asking whether I would like to buy a new solution to a problem that I may or may not have known I had. But one of the first questions they always ask me is: Are you the decision-maker?

Does any organisation have one sole decision-maker?

Understanding your internal audience is key to making that buying decision. As Ian Dainty explains, there are 5 key influencers in the buying decision.

  1. The Financial Influencer(s)
  2. The User Influencers
  3. The Gatekeeper(s)
  4. The Champion or Sponsor
  5. The Researcher(s)

In my role, I personally hold myself accountable as being the user influencer and the researcher. After all, I am the one who would likely be implementing or using what is on offer. Disregarding me as one of the key influencers is probably going to resort in a failed sales attempt. In turn, if I was to make the whole decision on my own without consulting with other influencers is likely to make any project fall flat on its face.

A good professional relationship is based on trust. And this works internally as well when you are looking for financial software that everyone in the business will use.

Your colleagues will trust you to choose a financial processing solution with everyone’s best interests in mind. They will trust you to implement new processes and programs across the business and to achieve the objectives of your organisation.

Innovations to simplify what is done might be a no brainer to some – as financial automation might be to you. But you have a responsibility of bringing everyone internally on board with the benefits of something new as many will have their reservations. My advice would be to convey the advantages to each influencer in turn making sure no-one feels like their needs are overlooked.

Understanding how members of your organisation will use and benefit from new solutions will help with on-boarding and adopting new processes. It is not just Finance that will benefit from automating financial processes but different members of different teams will too. Engaging with the influencers and understanding their needs and solutions is going to be key in the success of this business venture. They will not only influence your buying decisions but bringing your colleagues on board from the start will make the transitions and adoptions much smoother.

At Compleat, we acknowledge the value we can bring to all departments and staff members. We are about innovating and simplifying processes. We’ve taken the time to address the pain points and evaluate the benefits to the different roles within the business.

More information on the different solutions and benefits by role can be found on our website.