Compleatly carbon neutral

On top of the amount of unnecessary paper we have removed from our customers' businesses, we are now officially carbon neutral & have a (digital) certificate to prove it!

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Offsetting Carbon Emissions & Helping To Combat Climate Change

We have just become Carbon Neutral by offsetting our emissions to the highest standard.

What Are We Doing To Support Our Environment?

Our carbon emissions have been calculated & understood
We have reviewed our carbon management plan & how we can reduce our emissions
We have planted trees
Plus, we have offset 26 tonnes of carbon

What Are Our Future Targets? 🔮

  • Reducing our energy consumption even further

  • We are looking into offsetting 1 ton of carbon for every customer

  • Continuing to monitor our overall footprint & taking responsible steps to reduce our emissions


Why Is It Important To Us At Compleat? 🌳

We aim to challenge ourselves & you to reduce our overall carbon footprint.

We are learning new ways to make our planet greener & are regularly monitoring our carbon management plan.

Compleat is committed to keeping our environmental impact to a minimum to protect it for future generations.

The Carbon Emission Savings Tracker Helps Our Customers Reduce Carbon Emissions Too!

This tool tracks the standard delivery of a transport van between the delivery location & the main delivery hub of that vendor. It then tracks the number of deliveries from this supplier & shows you the reduction in carbon emissions that can be achieved.

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