The White Horse Federation Success Story

Transforming the future of education through the use of a simple software. Read about the success story that made a massive impact on education budgets throughout the South West of England.

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White Horse Federation Trust achieved role out of online buying to 200 users in a day - check out their story!

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What better way for you to find out what you are looking at than to hear it from those that went before?

How did we help?

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Buying online has been transformational. The White Horse Federation's success exemplifies how accounting software can streamline your finances and help you understand where your school's budget is going. WHF achieved almost 100% adoption of the new way of working from day one.

Everyone outside the finance department is delighted with the change, purchases are being successfully processed in a fraction of the time, while enforcing the correct & auditable compliance process for every transaction.

Best of all, WHF is already saving money on purchases from YPO and Amazon Business for Education.


Compleat employee adoption from day one


Users of Compleat within White Horse Federation Trust


Savings on items they order online from preferred suppliers

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

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"We have also saved so much time in the accounts payable process that we are now able to focus on more important activities. Best of all, WHF is already saving money on our purchases from YPO and Amazon Business for Education."

Rijk - The White Horse Federation

Time = Money

Stop wasting the resources you do have.

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The value of education is priceless. Compleat makes the purchasing process fast & easy by providing you with real-time information & control, including "punch-out" capability to suppliers like YPO & Amazon Business.

This means everyone can make purchase requests or approve spend no matter where they are, even on a school trip!

New ERP solutions for educational processes has turned budgeting for higher education into a financial nightmare of extra spend. To help you save costs & stretch budgets, we utilize spend data we have captured to negotiate better pricing with your suppliers. This means you can focus on finding the right tools to further education, instead of playing telephone tag with sales reps.

Focus on Education

Let teachers focus on teaching, not purchasing.

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Compleat makes purchasing much faster, easier & more convenient by enabling teachers (and everyone else) to buy online from preferred suppliers at much lower prices. This is ideal for “repeat” orders.

Every request to buy is automatically checked against the available budgets & approved before being sent.

By using Compleat to handle your purchasing, teachers will love you & have more time for what is important to them.

Here's a similar success story from Girls Day School Trust

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How much money did the Girls Day School Trust save? Proof of concept - £17,000 ($23k+) in savings. Catering project - c. £200,000 ($277k+) in savings. Projected to rise to c. £700,000 ($969k+). 

Every day is a school day.

How can we help you to save money, in the education sector?

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The education sector works incredibly hard to try & make financial ends meet, but manual processes for purchasing, budget checking, invoicing & approvals (as well as a growing list of suppliers) waste valuable time & money that should be re-invested into your students & facilities.

It doesn't have to be this way. You don't have to continue using the same suppliers just because you don't have the capacity to explore any other options.

You don't need to keep a constant eye on what department heads are spending when you can give them the control & visibility they need to manage their school's budget.

Our application was built to make your education financials and automation processes easier - not harder. Don't worry about adding to your accounting or finance teams' workload. We don't need a 6-month setup or weeks of user training. We want this to be a no-brainer. Go live and start saving within 24 hours.

The clock is ticking and your teachers are waiting. ⏰

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