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Buying online has been transformational. WHF achieved almost 100% adoption of the new way of working from day one.

Everyone outside the finance department is delighted with the change, purchases are being successfully processed in a fraction of the time, whilst enforcing the correct and auditable compliance process for every transaction.

Best of all, WHF is already saving money on purchases from YPO and Amazon Business for Education.


Adoption from staff from day 1 of using Compleat


Users of Compleat within White Horse Federation


savings through online suppliers on items they already buy

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

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"We have also saved so much time in the accounts payable process that we are now able to focus on more important activities. Best of all, WHF is already saving money on our purchases from YPO and Amazon Business for Education."

Rijk - The White Horse Federation

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Buying online has been transformational for White Horse Federation.

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It does not mean that everything is always cheaper, but the recent spend analytics analysis undertaken by Compleat shows that buying from Amazon Business is, on average, 32% cheaper than your existing supplier.