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Previously Kelkoo Group manually handled invoices, therefore the process was disconnected & time consuming. Compleat has changed the way they buy, pay & save for the better. Download their success story to find out more.

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What better way for you to find out what you are looking at than to hear it from those that went before?

How did we help?

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Kelkoo Group chose Compleat to revolutionize this process by taking away the need for manual invoice processing, whilst also providing powerful reporting tools for the future of finance.


of implementation & help setting up their ledger system


support throughout the on-boarding process


but sharp UX & UI, which was a sticking point for driving internal change

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

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"The Compleat team were very supportive right from the start, and continue to provide valuable insights, recommendations and advice both for core support as well as best practices."

Hilary Heah - Treasury Manager, Kelkoo Group

Real Results

Kelkoo Group said goodbye to manual processes and hello to the new world.

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Kelkoo Group have completely changed the way they work by automating their AP process.

They have been able to significantly tighten short term cash forecast by simply using the in-month cash planning and forecasting tools.

They have improved their overall working capital with better control of payments and supplier management, assisting with quicker & less substantive audit testing.


What about the future?

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Kelkoo Group had (and are continuing) to provide user feedback, suggestions and “wish lists” which Compleat has taken onboard, as they continue to utilize the platform more extensively, and further embed into their end-to-end “procure to pay” process.

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