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Could you save as much money as The Girls Day School trust? Check out their case study now. #TheFutureIsNow

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How did we help?

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Compleat identified immediate savings of c. £200,000 (c.15%) on bakery, meat, & dairy – based on the identified “benchmark” prices (which are not always the cheapest) & the Catering Managers are already using these benchmark prices to deliver savings across the GDST estate. They have all fully bought into the process & Compleat has delivered real value in both making it possible & helping them to deliver those savings.


per annum in immediate savings


per annum projected future savings in food alone


vendors consolidated into just one

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

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"This was an easy quick win. Compleat clearly demonstrated their ability to gather, quantify, categorize, & benchmark the spend data for the GDST, each school, by supplier, by cost, by unit of measure."

Benedicte - Girls Day School Trust

Real Results

GDST is confident that they will achieve at least 15% savings

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Compleat is finalising the remainder of the Food spend review & the GDST is confident that they will achieve at least 15% savings on the remaining food categories; this represents an annual saving of over £700,000 per annum, again based on everyone achieving the average benchmark prices.

What about the future?

The Future Is Now

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Compleat and GDST have now started on the next project of General Office & Educational
Suppliers & Consumables.

Compleat has identified £943k of spend across 11 suppliers & 24,888 lines of spend are under review; they fully expect to identify significant & sustainable savings.

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37 Schools. 220 Users. Live in 1 day... Welcome to The Whitehorse Federation Trust.

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