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Biogen wanted to modernise and automate its purchasing process and decided to partner with Compleat to develop and deploy a solution.

Compleat combines the automation of order creation and invoice automation to revolutionise the entire purchasing process for finance, budget holders and procurement. It delivers a single holistic and real-time view of every supplier, every current and historic transaction, and the exact status of budget availability. This helps to improve financial management, whilst empowering budget holders to hone their budget management skills and supplier relationships.


and cost saved processing orders and invoices


more invoices processed, faster


paper filing box a year, instead of per month

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"If you are an organisation looking to make improvements in your purchasing processes, then you should look at Compleat. Were I to work for another company and I felt its purchasing operation needed tightening up, I would certainly be recommending Compleat based on the product itself and the service Biogen has received."

Rob - AP & AR Manager

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Though most of Biogen’s operations and business processes have been improved and modernised to support business growth, one aspect that had lagged behind was purchasing.

Biogen was still operating  a paper-based process with POs and invoices scanned to individuals or sent by post for approval. With two locations this was manageable, but as the business expanded it started to impact efficiency.

What about the future?

The Future Is Now

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Monthly management accounts are easier to collate and trust due to improved invoice processing accuracy. Better control and insight has led to better spending scrutiny which encourages staff to be more aware of costs and savings.

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