Work order software

eCompleatWork is an electronic work order management solution that enables procurement professionals and buyers to manage a large volume of work orders and meet fulfilment objectives. Users can therefore better manage order allocations and new product deployments throughout the supply chain as an extension of your current ERP system.

Work order software to empower

Work order management software is designed to streamline and unify a frustrating and often overcomplicated process. 

For professional procurement specialists, it can be surprisingly difficult to manage work orders: the job suffers from a chronic lack of transparency. Knowing when they need to be completed, how they’ll be completed, who will complete them and how much it will ultimately cost can be tricky indeed. With CompleatWork, businesses benefit from cost-effective sourcing of inventory to work orders, lowering operating costs and promoting operational efficiencies that increase profitability. 

Lack of transparency might be a bigger obstacle than many might think.

If work orders cannot effectively be tracked against departmental budgets and spending, it becomes hard to accurately forecast cash flow.

Keeping on top of large volumes of inventory is significantly complicated, to the point where procurement becomes the arduous, tiresome process of juggling multiple spreadsheets – lest further issues arise further down the supply chain.

Meet and exceed your fulfillment objectives

eCompleatWork is our sophisticated work order management solution.

Specifically developed to address the needs of procurement professionals and buyers, it offers a simple, accessible means of meeting – and exceeding – your fulfilment objectives. Compleat’s work order management software is designed to empower procurement teams – streamlining their daily administrative processes and giving them more time to focus on the things that really matter.

Full integration with other modules

We offer a powerful modular software suite specifically designed to overcome SME financial management challenges that totally transforms the control and management of corporate spend.

Though it’s generally ideal for mid-sized property management organisations and departments, eCompleatWork can be adapted to suit the specific needs of any company within this range. It also integrates seamlessly with our invoice management software, purchase to pay software, timesheet software, purchase order software, and expense software – amongst others.

Features and functionality

Using eCompleatWork, your company can benefit from:

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  • Simplicity.

    eCompleatWork is designed for maximum ease of use. Organisational adoption is handled by our expert consultants within a matter of days.

  • Full oversight.

    Gain complete visibility into real-time work order data – improve your company’s forecasting with superior insight into your business’ cash flow.

  • A solution designed for large volumes.

    Keep on top of your inventory in an organised and secure manner – no matter how much your organisation has.

  • Superior value for money.

    If you need a product next month, but can afford it now, don’t wait until then to buy it. Being on top of your cash flow means you are prepared to advantage of any discounts or savings before they disappear. This results in more cost effective budget planning.

  • Bigger (and better) data.

    Our solution makes it easier to accumulate the necessary information – and update your work order status. The best information, the most meaningful correlations, and highest quality insights are automated and made available with a few clicks.

  • Full integration.

    If you use our work order management software in tandem with one or more of our other solutions, you can access even more benefits to facilitate spend control.

Why Compleat?

Compleat Software’s design philosophy is rooted in experience and expertise. Our team is comprised of software development specialists, but it also hosts several industry professionals – people who have shared your frustrations with the work order management process, and are now actively working to make it better.

At Compleat, we know that, even as certain issues are endemic to the industry, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to order fulfilment. That’s why we customise every product to the specific needs of our end-users: we are happy to provide advice on the right Compleat modules for your company’s needs, and any consultancy you may require when it comes to installation, implementation, and ongoing support. We know how to bring your systems into the digital age and get your processes running smoothly.

To discuss our work order management solutions, or any of our other services, such as, corporate budgeting software, cash flow software, purchase to pay systems or contract management software,  contact our specialists today.

work order management software with Compleat

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