Purchase order software

eCompleatOrder is a purchase order automation solution that enables accounts payable and finance teams to have full visibility and control over corporate spend. It captures committed and planned costs across the business as they take place. Budget holders gain real-time visibility into their budget availability and improve supplier relationships.

Purchasing software

The typical purchase order process is long, laborious and prone to errors.

To generate and authorise just one purchase order successfully, requires multiple signatures from various authorised individuals. This takes time – and it’s often difficult to keep track of the purchase order while in process. Lack of oversight and visibility can affect company cash flow. If you, and your finance team can’t see exactly what is currently being spent, or correctly forecast future spend, it’s only a matter of time before your business finances come under pressure. The right purchase order software simplifies the day-to-day challenges of managing budgets across various departments, and keeps your company finances in check.

Our purchase order management software solution

eCompleatOrder is an automated purchase order solution that gives accounts payable and finance teams full oversight and control.

Our procurement software gives you total, real-time visibility into your company’s financial spend. All supplier costs are captured, committed and planned across the entire company as they come in. This simultaneously empowers the company budget holders to take on more fiscal responsibility within the business, and holds them to better accountability for their spend. This enhanced level of oversight can help improve relationships with suppliers and eliminates any unpleasant financial surprises.

Smarter purchase order process

Our purchase order software is available as a standalone product or it can be integrated seamlessly with other Compleat software modules.

eCompleatOrder integrates with: expense softwarepurchase to pay software, timesheet software and work order management software. What’s more, our entire range of automated procurement software is fully bespoke and adaptable to your specific business needs, and accessible from anywhere, at any time, from any connected device.

Control spend as it happens

eCompleatOrder delivers real-time oversight of every planned and committed purchase in play to everyone who needs to know.

Formal and sophisticated approval workflow processes include automated budget checking, delivering real-time visibility, auditability and control over the entire purchasing process. Simple and fast requisition creation ensures user adoption, providing finance, procurement and budget holders with a real-time view of the approval status (including manual and automated nudges to keep the process moving) and ensuring budget overspend is always a decision and never a mistake.

Features and functionality

Compleat’s purchase order management software gives businesses full insight into procurement processes. This fully paperless financial solution uses zero-touch technology, enabling you to manage each of your purchase orders with ease and efficiency.

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  • Improved supplier relations.

    By making less financially related errors, your suppliers will increasingly appreciate your relationship, opening the door to securing their best rates.

  • Adaptable.

    eCompleatOrder is adaptable, flexible, fully customisable and can easily scale alongside your business.

  • Compliance

    Our purchasing software is entirely HMRC and VAT compliant and always will be.

  • Zero touch tech.

    The purchase order journey is fully automated – with no need for human intervention. This reduces time-consuming administrative workloads and eliminates human error.

  • Three-way invoice matching.

    The vendor invoice, purchase order, and product receipt information are all checked against each other, eliminating financial discrepancies and preventing any cash flow issues.

  • Simplicity.

    The purchase order process is easy to adopt and manage. The right people have full visibility over current company spend and future spend – and they can access all the information they need to make informed decisions in real time.

Why Compleat?

The Compleat team is experienced, innovative and offers considerable industry expertise. Our procurement experience, accounting skills and technical knowledge enable us to help any business of any size, across all sectors from charity to health to food, manage their financial processes better.

Get in touch with our experts to discuss our bespoke purchase order software  today – or to discover our full range of automated financial solutions and services: accounts payable automation, document control software, corporate budgeting software and cash flow software – among others.  

We also offer iCompleatInvoice Starter. This free invoice management software  is designed to track payments really quickly and simply - discover more here.

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