Expense software

eCompleatExpense is a simple-to-use, paperless, electronic expense claim automation application that gives finance full visibility and control over employee expenses. It provides employees with quick and easy-to-use means to capture their claims and receipts, accessible from any connected device, with fully configurable workflow approvals.

Expense software

A business is often in the dark when it comes to its employee expenditure.

Without appropriate expense software, most finance teams have little to no insight into how much employees are spending at any given moment. As for your employees, administrative tasks like filling out an expense claim, are typically, and understandably, pushed to the bottom of the pile.

Employee expenses tend to accumulate over long periods of time.

Left unchecked, this can add up to a lot of money that is suddenly claimed for in one go.

Without a clear, accessible record of how much your business owes its employees, your cash flow is at risk of being hit hard, without any warning. Fortunately, there is an efficient, paperless solution that works seamlessly across all connected devices.

Comprehensive expense management software 

eCompleatExpense is simple to use.

A completely paperless, fully electronic, automated method of processing expenses. Claimants can capture all their receipts and invoices in one quick and easy move, from any connected device like their smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Designed around your needs

Our expense management software is fully configurable and integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting software to enhance your current work processes with no disruption – and we’ll provide you with full training.

Our expense software also integrates perfectly with our other automated financial solutions such as iCompleatInvoice Starter, our free invoice management software, as well as our purchase to pay systems or accounts payable automation. Your financial team need never be in the dark again. Our tailored service ensures that all your employee, client and supplier payment processes are tracked – keeping your company’s cash flow in good shape. 

Full integration with other modules

eCompleatExpense gives your business real-time insight into how much money it owes employees. With full access to every penny owed, your financial team will never be caught on the back foot and your cash flow will stay strong.

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  • Simplicity.

    Our expense software frees employees from more administration. They no longer need to fill out long, arduous forms – the entire process is automated. What’s more, everything is organised on a simple, digital platform that is accessible from anywhere at any time.

  • Finance team oversight.

    Your finance departments and accounts payable team can see what is being spent, when, where and on what – at all times.

  • Comprehensive categorisation.

    There is no one size fits all approach to expense reporting. Our general ledger codes automatically filter expense reports into different categories, simplifying expense management for the team.

  • HMRC and VAT compliant.

    Withe CompleatExpenses’s fully compliant software, your financial records are kept in line with the law at all times.

Why Compleat?

We are a team of procurement, accounting and technical professionals and our combined expertise has developed market-leading financial automation solutions for businesses of any size, in any sector.

Our online expense report software is designed to assist organisations streamline their internal processes and improve their financial management capabilities.

Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your bespoke expense software solution – or to discover any one of our range of automated business modules: contract management software, purchase to pay software, timesheet software, purchase order software and invoice management software

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